Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Games

As I do not turn up every week I can only write up the weeks that I am there, hopefully someone will take up the slack.

We had two games this week. First was a rather boisterous war at sea game run by Dave which I neglected to take any photos of but certainly seemed to keep everyone entertained. Particularly when Pat was caught out accidently using one of the old Salute extreme dice (1,1,2,5,6,6).

"Forward, the Gods are on our side"
The other game was a 48 point/side Hordes of the things (HOTTS) biblical featuring gods being summoned, the early death of a general (by a god) and a lone archer unit heroically fending off a god before being dismembered. The climax involved  the losing sides god driving off our god shortly after we had lost virtually all our left flank to archer fire (on our poor chariots). A good game run by Neil and Chris, with Alan and I doing our best to support.
"The Evil One drives off our diety"

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Salute 2011

The first post on the blog after the club attended Salute 2011, with the Norton St Philip Game,

The game was run by Chris, Neil, Graham and John amoungst others and was well photographed on the day.

Club member Dave also had a couple of Secrets of the Thirds Reich Mecha on display on the west wind stand stand, so I took a couple of pictures with St Philips in the background.