Monday, 26 August 2013

21st August Games

Bit thin on the ground again this week, but we managed to have two games last night. Dave Kightly ran a Battlestar Galactica board game - I gather Humanity lost (much to the disgust of the Lords of Kobol I imagine). It fell to me to entertain Laurie and Ernie with three quick games of Ludis Glatiatorus, using some revised character cards. We all managed to win one game apiece, so all were happy.

There are also cards available for a further range of gladiator figures which were released by Crusader Miniatures a while back (which I have in stock pending painting) which will appear on a wargames table near you sometime in the next year with luck. I also have some 54mm plastic figures which would work under these rules. Hmm.....

Next week will see a rerun of the Battlestar Galactica game. I haven't decided whether to run an Angels 20 game or to try a set of ACW naval rules originally written by Bob Cordery, using my 1/600 models. If anybody has a preference, please let me know.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 17 August 2013

14th August Games

A reasonable turnout this week; Chris was kind enough to run a Hordes of the Things game to allow Alan the chance to use his Romano-British army against Chris' Dark Ages Irish. This game went to the wire and was the cause of some spirited discussion concerning rules interpretation along the way. Steve Slater ran a Fury of Dracula game, while Bob and Andy played a Malifaux scenario. Pictures of the general mayhem and the climax of the Hotts game are attached. Apologies to Chris for the inadvertent lemonade flood; I think I managed to sponge it all out....

I am currently unaware of any arrangements for next week's games other than to suggest that I shall bring Ludis Gladiatorus along as there were no spare bodies to play this week. Could those organising additional games please notify their nature via this email please?

See yer soon,

Thursday, 8 August 2013

7th August Games

Better turnout this week. Steve ran Fury of Dracula for the benefit of Messrs. Hardman and Kightly, Mark and co. ran a Lord of the Rings game (picture attached), and I was able to run the second trial for the Napoleonic naval action - this seems to be OK now and will go on record as a useful game for a small show. A picture of the early stages of the game is also attached.

I am advised that Alan and Chris are planning a DBA/HOTTS game so Alan's Romano-British can have an outing. Steve Slater has agreed to bring a selection of board games; I would be prepared to run either Angels 20 (Malta RAF vs. Italians) or by way of a change Ludis Gladiatorus. I would ask interested parties to advise which game they wish to take part in.

See yer soon,

Friday, 2 August 2013

31st July Games

Another quiet night for attendance this week; given this is the height of the holiday season this is to be expected, I suppose. Bob's Dark Eldar took on Andy's Chaos forces and gave them another thumping!

I have been working on another Napoleonic naval scenario based in an action in November 1805, which the Steves, John and Laurie took part in. The victory went to the French on this occasion, but I expected the scenario to require revision and will be undertaking this with a view to a refight.

Next week, therefore, I will re-run this scenario with the revisions suggested by those who played - for which many thanks. A Lord of the Rings game has also been arranged, and as ever I would welcome any further game offers.

I would also remind members about the Military and Flying Machines display which is held this coming Friday to Sunday 2nd to 4th August. Full details can be found at and if the weather holds, this should be worth a visit.

See yer soon,