Friday, 22 April 2016

20th April Games


Pretty good turnout last night. We had a Frostgrave game supplied by Andy H with his marvellous dungeon setup. Dave K with a further Pulp Alley game, while Steve H and I had an initial game of Star Wars Armada. I thought it would be fairer to supply a general shot rather than pick out one game.

SEEMS essex wargaming wargames club night

As previously advised, the AGM will be held next Wednesday, 27th April 2016. I'd like to start as soon after 8PM as possible to allow for a possible game afterwards, so please try to be on time.



Friday, 15 April 2016

13th April Games


Something of a fantasy themed evening this week. Steve S ran an Age of Sigmar game, which involved a certain amount of 'lively discussion' and a decision to repeat the experience.
The Star Wars Armada game was put on hold when Steve H arrived, bearing a fantasy siege game called B.Sieged which was not easy for the defenders to win but was very enjoyable.

Next week, Dave K, has agreed to run a Pulp Alley game, while Steve H will run either Star Wars Armada or the fantasy version of Zombiecide.

A quick reminder that the AGM will be held on Wednesday 27/04/16 at 8pm, please try to attend.

Salute is this weekend at ExCel and I expect we will all meet up and spend lots of lolly on new toys! See you there . . .


Thursday, 7 April 2016

6th April Games


Fair turnout last night.

      Dave K ran his Pulp Ally 'Sweeney' game again, which apparently ran smoothly (there wasn't as much discussion going on).

pulp ally

     Mike C made a welcome return, bringing his friend Dan along for the previously arranged Napoleonic naval game, which I umpired. As may be gathered from the pictures, Mike (as the French) attacked gallantly and was gallantly blown to pieces by Steve H and Dan. Good fun all round and we hope to see Mike and Dan again.

langton british french napoleonic naval game ship

      Next week, Steve H has offered to run a Star Wars Armada game and an Age of Sigmar game has also been arranged.

See yer soon


Friday, 1 April 2016

31st March Games


Thanks to Dave Knightly for running his Sweeney-inspired Pulp Alley game last night; as this was a first play test the discussion was 'spirited', but all involved enjoyed themselves.

Dave has been asked to reprise the game next week. I've been asked to run a Napoleonic naval game by Mike C who has an idea for a large scale ship to ship game.

See yer soon