Sunday, 24 November 2013

20th November Games

A reasonable turnout last night; thanks as always to Mark for running his SWAT game for the bulk of those attending; didn't have much time to look at the state of play (see below for the reason), but picture attached anyway.

I was somewhat preoccupied with umpiring the rather delayed Napoleonic naval game; Ed had his baptism of fire, including a fierce boarding action launched by Contre-Amiral Slater as the French commander. Thanks to Steve Harbron for acting as Ed's 'sea-daddy' (and no, there isn't any unnatural connotation there!) I realised there were a couple of tweaks to the rules I had not included during the last review, and will attend to these; picture attached at an early part in the action, with some nasty close broadside action in the offing.

Next week I gather that a Warhammer 40K (or Fantasy - some uncertainty here) has been proposed. I will run a further Napoleonic naval game at the request of Ed and the two Steves, and would welcome anybody else interest in a bit of nautical mayhem.

See yer soon,

13th November Games

My Napoleonic naval game was put on hold due to the absence of Ed and Mike (for whose benefit the game was intended) and also due to a relatively high number of players required for Steve's Doctor Who game. This featured most (if not all ) of the Doctor's incarnations, with comparable guest appearances by The Master - picture attached. Thanks to Steve for the entertainment.

Next week, I will attempt to run the Napoleonic Naval game, and Mark has agreed to run his SWAT game (by special request from Laurie).

See yer soon,

Sunday, 10 November 2013

6th November Games

A decent turnout last night. My Angels 20 game set over Finland during the Winter War was fast and bloody - attached picture shows the state of play after the first round of firing! Russians had the best of it but the game was enjoyed by all.

Mark's Victorian Gothic horror game is also illustrated; high angle picture was the best I could get unfortunately. This went to the wire but I think the good guys won....

Next week, Steve Slater has offered to run a Doctor Who game (appropriate given the 50th anniversary episode is to be broadcast soon) while I will bring the 1/1200 Napoleonic naval game along for a bit of nautical mayhem.

See yer soon,

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

30th October Games

Fairly busy last night; we were able to try out Star Trek Attack Wing for the first time, which resulted in the Federation forces coming off second best against the Klingons. Laurie tried out the Dead Man's Hand Western Gunfight rules, while Bob and Andy ran a Malifaux game. Pictures of Star Trek and Malifaux attached as the Dead Man's Hand game ended before I could take a shot!

Next week, I have been asked to run an Angels 20 game set during the Winter War 1940 in Finland, and Mark will run his Victorian Gothic horror game.

See yer soon,