Wednesday, 30 October 2013

23rd October Games

Mark, Bob and Andy ran a Warhammer Fantasy game, and I ran the ACW naval game rescheduled from last week. This turned out to be a dour struggle, resulting in a Confederate victory by preventing the Union force from proceeding upriver. No pictures this week as I was busy umpiring....

Next week, Laurie has offered to run a Western Gunfight using the Dead Man's Hand rules; Bob and Andy will run a Malifaux game, while the remainder of us are likely to be engaged in a first game of Star Trek Attack Wing. Mike has played a few games already, and believes it to be a better game than X-wing - praise indeed!

See yer soon,

Monday, 21 October 2013

16th October Games

This week's meeting got off to an unusual start when Brian turned up after a long absence and proceeded to fill the room with games, models and gods alone know what else which he was desirous of disposing of. Suffice to say a proportion went to various members present, and I witnessed the unlikely sight of Dave Crook at a total loss for words!

When the games got under way, Dave Kightly ran Last Night on Earth (US based zombie game for the uninitiated) and Bob, Andy and Mark ran the promised 40K game. Pictures attached, including James' Ork Stompa (I think that's the correct spelling) which took down a Dark Eldar barge before said Eldar stomped the Orks.

Next week, a Warhammer Fantasy game has been arranged; I will run the ACW naval game I had intended for this week, but which was rather overtaken by events.

See yer soon,

Sunday, 20 October 2013

SELWG 2013 Report

Our final show of the year took place yesterday; I wish I could say I enjoyed the drive to Crystal Palace, but there were times I thought I was conning a submarine....

The Table Top Teasers on Tour game looked brilliant ( picture attached) and attracted a great deal of attention; sadly we were not in the running for a prize this year, but a word of congratulations to the Southend Wargames Club for winning the Best of Show trophy with their War of 1812 game seems appropriate.

My thanks go as always to Chris, Dave, Graham and John for all their work in producing the game.

Some more pictures of the day...

Normal (??) service resumes on Wednesday with a further ACW naval game which I shall be running, with a Warhammer 40K game also on offer.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 19 October 2013

9th October Games

It was certainly 'a dark and stormy night' yesterday, but a few brave souls ventured forth to attend our weekly meeting. Bob and Andy ran a Lord of the Rings game, based (I think) in the Mines of Moria from the first book/film of the trilogy. I ran an ACW naval game - apologies to those playing for the errors and omissions in the playsheet which I have in hand, together with the suggestions made concerning play. That aside the game ran well, with a narrow win for the Union. Pictures of both games are attached.

As you know, the club is presenting a War of Spanish Succession game at SELWG this weekend. We are sited on table E in the main hall, a map of which was sent with last week's email; look for the Caliver Books stand and we are close to that. I expect that I will see more than a few of you on the day for some dedicated retail therapy!

Next week, I will run another ACW naval (with the corrected rule set!). I understand that a Warhammer 40K game is also planned.

See yer soon,

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

2nd October Games

The evening had a heavy air combat theme, with Steve Slater running a WW1 Wings of War game. I undertook a training game of Angels 20 for a newest members Mick, Ed and James (with welcome assistance from Rob) which everybody appeared to enjoy. Pictures of both games are attached; apologies to Bob and Andy for not including their Malifaux game.

Current offers for next week are a Lord of the Rings game from Bob and Andy; I hope to run an American Civil War naval game using an updated version of the rules tested recently.
See yer soon,