Saturday, 19 October 2013

9th October Games

It was certainly 'a dark and stormy night' yesterday, but a few brave souls ventured forth to attend our weekly meeting. Bob and Andy ran a Lord of the Rings game, based (I think) in the Mines of Moria from the first book/film of the trilogy. I ran an ACW naval game - apologies to those playing for the errors and omissions in the playsheet which I have in hand, together with the suggestions made concerning play. That aside the game ran well, with a narrow win for the Union. Pictures of both games are attached.

As you know, the club is presenting a War of Spanish Succession game at SELWG this weekend. We are sited on table E in the main hall, a map of which was sent with last week's email; look for the Caliver Books stand and we are close to that. I expect that I will see more than a few of you on the day for some dedicated retail therapy!

Next week, I will run another ACW naval (with the corrected rule set!). I understand that a Warhammer 40K game is also planned.

See yer soon,

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