Friday 7 June 2024

5th June Games

We were a bit spread out but busy last night; Dave K ran a further ‘Here’s Negan’ game for Steve S, Mark, Eddie, Andy P and Paul, Rob and Alan were engaged in a Frostgrave game, a welcome appearance by Mike and Steve B with a Warhammer 40K game, while, Nigel, Steve H and myself settled down to a further Space Weirdos game.

This involved three groups (terrorists, mercenaries and a SWAT team) attempting to gain control of an object resembling a sword in a stone (which of course was purely representational), which led to serious amounts of firefights, casualties and general mayhem associated with these simple but very entertaining rules. Steve came out on top in his first game.

Next week, I’ve offered to run an Angels 20 game, Dave K is running another ‘Here’s Negan’ game, and there is some further Frostgrave action.

A reminder that Matt, Steve H and I are running an ACW game at the Broadside show this Saturday at the Medway Park Sports Centre, Mill Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1HF. Hopefully we’ll see some of you on the day at this entertaining event.


See yer soon,


Friday 31 May 2024

29th May Games

My thanks to Andy P for posting details of last week’s games in my absence. Mum’s doing better and thanks you for your kind thoughts.

There were sufficient of us to run Mark’s dungeon crawl – Alan and Rob were engaged in other games but I don’t have any details. Suffice to say that Eddie, Dave K, Nigel, Steve S and myself took on large numbers of assorted opponents, which ended in Eddie butchering a snake goddess with more arms and sharp cutting weapons than was decent. We used the Wayland dungeon setup.

Next week, Dave K is running another ‘Here’s Negan’ game from the Walking Dead series, and Nigel and I will try to run the Space Weirdos game we originally planned for last week.
See yer soon,

Monday 20 May 2024

15th May Games

We were slightly down on numbers again last Wednesday; Rob, Alan and Andy P were playing Frostgrave with some nicely painted miniatures while I ran a Wings of Glory WW1 aerial combat game for Mark, Nigel and Steve S. I ran three Sopwith Triplanes myself (no mean feat I assure you!) whilst the others flew a mixture of Halberstadt DII and Albatross DII fighters. This was the first time we’d played the updated rules (supplied by Dave C, to whom thanks again) and the various aircraft were new to us all. I enjoyed the manoeuvrability of the Tripes, but in the end one succumbed to an explosion card while the other two both took engine damage and one was unable to manoeuvre due to rudder damage; suffice to say I conceded defeat with my customary (and much-practiced) grace...........

Next week, Nigel and I are planning another Space Wierdos SF skirmish game, and I understand t’others will be playing board games.
See yer soon,

Friday 17 May 2024

8th May Games

There weren’t quite enough members in attendance last night to run the Wings of Glory WW1 aerial game I had planned this week in addition to Dave K’s Old West gunfight using the Ruthless rules, so I joined Mark, Andy, Eddie, Nigel and Steve S as part of two gangs trying to rob the same bank and make off with the proceeds. No major withdrawals were made during the game, but a number of members of both gangs ended up n Boot Hill; for a first game with the rules on my part I’m very impressed and they have potential for public games.

Rob ran another Star Wars: Shatterpoint game with a selection of galactic ne’er do wells in action; not sure who won, but I recognised a number of characters from the various Disney+ (tm) series. 


Next week, I’ll run the Wings of Glory game postponed from this week, and Steve S has booked a table for board gaming if required.


See yer soon,


Friday 3 May 2024

1st May Games

We were unable to run Paul’s planned D&D game this week, so Steve H ran a Zombiecide game for myself, Dave K, Eddie, Nigel and Steve S. A slow start led to the body count rising (due to the sheer numbers of undead we had to ‘convert’ to dead!) and at close of play it was decided we’d done enough to live another day. Rob was playing Star Wars Shatterpoint with a new collection of figures; as something of a Star Wars geek, I was able to confirm that the bounty hunter Cade Bane, Close Captain Cody and assorted badmashes took on Anakin Skywalker (appearing before his career change from Jedi Knight to Sith Lord); Anakin appeared to be doing all right despite the disparity in numbers.


Next week Dave K has offered to run his ‘Ruthless’ Old West game – nicely painted figures, Dave. Having extended my collection of Wings of Glory WW1 aircraft through the good offices of Dave C, I’ll run another game with a view to trying some of the new types to hand.


See yer soon,


Monday 22 April 2024

17th April Games

We had four different games running last Wednesday night; Rob and Alan were playing Marvel Crisis Protocol (details of the factions were vague, but I did note the God of Thunder in one part of the table), Andy P ran a Wild West version of Zombiecide for Mark, Eddie and Dave K, Steves S & H were playing Achtung Cthulhu!, while Nigel and I tried out a low level SF skirmish set called Space Weirdos.   
No specific reports on the first three games, other than they were enjoyed by all involved. Nigel had supplied the few figures and stat sheets required, we borrowed some SF buildings from Wayland and I brought a suitable mat from my collection. The rules are pretty simple once you have the sequence of actions clear in your mind, and the game was great ‘cinematic’ fun, with Nigel’s space barbarians attacking my armoured Marine types. Firepower (and a commander with a jet pack!) proved to be the key to success, and Nigel’s command was removed from the gene pool within a relatively short period. I can see a future for these rules once we have some further play tests.

Next week, Dave K is running a Dragon Rampant game using his Game of Thrones collection. I’ve been asked to run a Dark Ages Lion Rampant game. I’ll be in touch if I’m unable to attend due to personal health etc.
See yer soon,

Friday 5 April 2024

3rd April Games

Another busy night for us yesterday. Dave K ran the planned Walking Dead campaign game for Mark, Steve S, Eddie, Paul and Andy P, Rob and   Alan were playing Marvel Protocol with an Asgardian vs. X-Men setup, while I ran another early WW1 Wings of Glory game for Nigel and Steve H.


I can only explain that in my game I set up the British on a reconnaissance mission with two DH2’s escorting an RE8 over the lines, while Steve and Nigel ran a pair of Fokker Eindekkers to prevent the mission being completed. A tangled affair left the Germans with both aircraft shot down – perhaps a further aircraft would have been useful, but given the RE8 dished out most of the damage, it’s fair to say that two seaters should not be treated lightly. 


Next week, Dave K will run another Walking Dead game, and Steve H has offered to a Zombiecide game for anyone else attending (could we play the medieval version if you still have it, please Steve?)


See yer soon,