Tuesday, 28 May 2013

22nd May Games

There were enough bodies on hand for me to run a Battle of Britain based Angels 20 game, which resulted in a convincing RAF win for once. The demise of a Bf 109 is included as proof; sadly no gun camera footage was available to support the claim...

I intend to run another Angels 20 next week, either Russian Front or Middle East this time. Hopefully, we will see a few more people onsite then, so any game ideas to be advised would be nice.

See yer soon,

Friday, 10 May 2013

8th May Games

A fair turnout last night - Ernie arrival in Santa Claus mode, distributing largesse far and wide, certainly enhanced proceedings. Thanks to mark for his Victorian Gothic Horror game and also to Bob & co. for the Malifaux game, pictures attached. My Space Hulk game went ok (if not for the Deathwing) but sadly the pictures were a bit of a failure.

Next week, I propose to run an Angels 20 game for some of the members who haven't played the game yet. A Lord of the Rings game is also planned.

Quick reminder about the Fly In at Stow Maries Airfield this weekend. Steve Harbron and I will be in attendance with a Wings of War display, and we would welcome anybody who wants to turn up. There should also be some replica WW1 aircraft in attendance of the weather permits, so there is potential for a good day out. Better find my digital SLR camera.....

See yer soon,

Friday, 3 May 2013

1st May Games

A fair turnout this week - though still missing a few faces. Nice to see Laurie out and about again. Not much on the gaming front for me but a lot of chat, but my thanks go to Steve for the Valley of the Dinosaurs game which was generating a level of back-stabbing which even Kingmaker would have difficulty matching, and also those playing the Malifaux game. I am accused on occasion of only providing pictures of my own games with my missives, and by way of redressing this I attach a picture of the session in full swing.

Next week, I gather a further Malifaux game is planned. Mark has also agreed to run his Victorian Gothic Horror game, and I will bring Space Hulk - Nathan, who visited us recently, expressed an interest in trying the new version, so I shall choose a scenario with him in mind.

A reminder that Steve H. and I are scheduled to attend the Fly In over at Stow Maries on the 12th May; I will take the Wings of War setup and put the Gotha's on the table for the first time; should be interesting.

See yer soon,