Friday, 3 May 2013

1st May Games

A fair turnout this week - though still missing a few faces. Nice to see Laurie out and about again. Not much on the gaming front for me but a lot of chat, but my thanks go to Steve for the Valley of the Dinosaurs game which was generating a level of back-stabbing which even Kingmaker would have difficulty matching, and also those playing the Malifaux game. I am accused on occasion of only providing pictures of my own games with my missives, and by way of redressing this I attach a picture of the session in full swing.

Next week, I gather a further Malifaux game is planned. Mark has also agreed to run his Victorian Gothic Horror game, and I will bring Space Hulk - Nathan, who visited us recently, expressed an interest in trying the new version, so I shall choose a scenario with him in mind.

A reminder that Steve H. and I are scheduled to attend the Fly In over at Stow Maries on the 12th May; I will take the Wings of War setup and put the Gotha's on the table for the first time; should be interesting.

See yer soon,

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