Saturday, 5 November 2011

WW1 Bus

A resin WW1 transport bus together with metal passengers painted by Dave, and bought down the club this week.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Game Report - Fubar WW2

Last night we played another game of Fubar run by Dave on a terrain heavy board. German counterattack vs a small units of US Airborne holding out for reinforcements. Lots of figures, armoured cars and even a few tanks to add to the mix. A good game.

However as usual for this rule set there was some robust discussion. In particular the oddity that an American rifle firing using aimed fire into a hard cover area was 6’s to hit, where if used on fully automatic it would get two shots per figure still needing 6’s to hit. I think the modifiers were :- Aimed fire 5+ normal +2 to target for hard cover -1 for aimed fire = 6’s, or Unaimed fire  5+, +2 for hard cover = 7s, always revert to a 6 to hit. Additionally I was concerned that the unit had failed its activation was still allowed to fire twice per figure on over watch (which is the default position). Finally the overwatch was triggered by me moving figures within a building (OK I moved one figure out to be able to use his panzerschrek, but this figure still counted as being in hard cover.), which felt harsh.
The rules allowed a unit that failed its activation to use overwatch to slaughter via unaimed fire(at 2 dice/figure), a platoon moving around in a ruined building trying to get to some firing positions. I would have been better off not moving.

The upshot is a one page set of rules which are slowly expanding.

However I do like the rules as they do slow units down due to the need to activate, now if only my company flanking the Americans had not failed nearly all its activations (The Captain was cautious as he heard automatic fire from the crossroads) I am fairly certain that we would have out flanked them. As it was we ended up unable to get across the terrain quick enough and the American held out.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Game Report September

Somehow I lost the summerised post for last month so here is an update from Neil.

Thanks to Dave Kightly for running a FUBAR WW2 game this week;
the jury is still out on these rules it seems. There are lots of good points in the set, but they do not seem to work for a pick-up game, but rather require very carefully organised scenarios. Pity, because they play well in other respects.
My play test for the new Warhammer Historical rules went OK; bit shaky at first due to lack of familiarity with the process, but two interesting games were played, hopefully the first of many. Thanks (I think) to Dave
Crook for the various quotes from gladiator movies - at least up to the point when the double entendres became more dangerous than the swords, from whence it descended into Round the Coliseum.
'Oooooooh, matron' indeed! 
This coming week we have a Lord of the Rings game scheduled, while our very own Prince of Dorkness (pun intended) Steve Slater will provide Fury of Dracula as an alternative. Haven't decided whether to bring Memoir 44, Battlecry or Wings of War myself at this time, but I shall provide something.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Battle of Hockley Hill (VBCW)

The Battle of Hockley Hill.

Socialist Forces
"Merrill's Marauders" - 7 Units of raw militia armed with 3 Lewis Guns and various small arms from the Tilbury Dockworkers Collective under the command of Laurence Merrill, Micky Watkins and Johnny Grover. (Laurie, Mark and John)
BUF/Auxiliary Forces
3 Units of trained men armed with 3 Lewis Guns and various small arms under the command of Captain Robertson "Bob" A. Fett and Sgt. D. Mitford (Rob and Dave)


Battle Report.
Members of the Tilbury Dockworkers Collective had gathered under the instructions of Voenkom Ron Harris (military commissar) following reports of a gathering of a small force of BUF militia and Auxiliary police grouping near a small deserted farmstead north of Hockley. Small arms and a clutch of Lewis light machine guns were handed out to the brave but untrained men for their first taste of combat against the fascists.
On arrival, the BUF force appeared to be holding the ruined farmhouse on an open piece of ground with small tree-lined areas surrounding this. To the south-west of this sat another burned out farmhouse and Politruk Merrill decided to advance a third of his designated force towards this to secure a covering perimeter.
Starshina Watkins was ordered to move to the tree line south of the central farmhouse and open fire upon it to suppress those BUF/Auxiliary forces inside.

Brave men of the TDWC march to the tree line south of the farmhouse.

Starshina Grover was to line his force across the south-east, taking cover from the nearby hedges and low lying hills and to make a steady advance to the right flank of the farmhouse to encircle those within.

Central farmhouse near ‘Hockley Hill’ with BUF/Auxiliary forces inside. Their command group can be spotted further north.

Starshina Watkins opened fire upon the farmhouse causing some problems for the defenders but received heavy return fire taking several casualties. Part of the unit took cover behind a low hedge leading up to the east side of the farmhouse but they were severely hit in their flank by BUF troops armed with a Lewis gun from a copse of trees just to the east of the farmhouse. Despite their brave efforts, they were forced back to the tree line and eventually had to retreat to the safety of the forest behind them.

Loyal soldiers at the southern farmhouse.

Meanwhile, the section under the command of Politruk Merrill finally made it to the southern farmhouse after suffering sustained fire from the BUF and Auxiliary forces at the farmhouse and a command group hiding near another copse to the north.

TDWC take cover behind a hedgerow.

Starshina Grover was at this moment having trouble motivating his troops. They held a strong position to the south-east and became aware of another BUF/Auxiliary unit lying in wait in a small copse near the farmhouse just north of them over a low hill.
On hearing the sound of machine gun fire and the screams of their comrades they were eventually motivated to move forward to the bottom of the hill but struggled to get further as the top was still under suppressive fire.

BUF/Auxiliary troops apparently retreating! The Lewis gun provides covering fire.

As the TDWC gradually advanced, taking heavy fire and casualties all the time, it suddenly became apparent that the assault had caused the fascists to waver. The unit holding the central farmhouse had fled the building and were making their way north to join their command group to the north! The BUF/Auxiliary Lewis gun on the hill continued to fire, covering their retreat across the open ground.

BUF/ Auxiliary command group consolidate their forces.

Finally, as the BUF/Auxiliary forces began to consolidate to the north, the final push by the TDWC began. The militia under Starshina Grover were still bogged down at the foot of the hill to the south-east and struggled to advance. The men to the centre under Starshina Watkins made one last desperate charge across the open ground towards the farmhouse. Despite taking withering fire and many casualties they reached the ruin and secured it.

Brave socialist warriors perform their duty!

The remaining men at the southern farmhouse broke from their cover in a dash to more hedgerows just north of this. Several brave men lost their lives (and some cowards ran from the battlefield) but the advance appeared to be a success!

The fascist forces (under the command of Captain Robertson “Bob” A. Fett) were now seemingly all on the retreat – was this a victory for the Socialist cause?

As the remnants of the TDWC secured the area it soon became apparent the BUF/Auxiliary plan was all a ruse. The farmhouse held no real strategic value – the fascist forces were merely attempting to draw as many men of the socialist collective from elsewhere and kill or wound as many as possible, with the intention of depleting morale and troops available for later battles.

Was all this simply a diversion by Mosley to occupy socialist men as he planned a bigger assault elsewhere? Only time will tell…

(Figures, terrain and umpiring courtesy of Chris)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Bovington2011 Part 2

John F, Graham, Dave W and I went to the Bovington show. We were graced by the prescence of Lord Russell in costume to the amazement of the visitors.

The game was the Western Rising 1549  revived from 2002 - 2003 as it was the nearest show to Devon and Cornwall.

Dave and John commanded the royal forces to a victory at Fenny Bridges but a reverse at Faringdon Down on the first day. The Royalists managed to defeat the rebels at Clyst St Mary but took quite heavy losses and were then broken at Clyst Heath as they tried to storm a roadblock on the road to Exeter on the second day.

Perhaps a veil should be drawn over individual performances but the main lesson for the Tudor Royal Council was 'short commanders good - tall commanders bad'.

The game drew a lot of interest especially from people local to the campaign area. One couple lived  on one of the battle sites and several were trying to work out where the Clyst bypass would be while the majority had never heard of the rising. It is a good campaign and very hard for the Royalists to win while offering a very frustrating experience for anyone who takes the rebels.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bovington 2011

A few members of SEEMS attended the Bovington show and I was sent this shot of the battle Clyst St Mary -

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rampage at Dagenham 2011

Another Sunday - another show. Rampage at Dagenham this time, with old mates the Ilford Wargames Club. Dave Kightly ran a Border Reivers game, which went ahead with the usual levels of mayhem on both sides.

Some other nice games present, particularly a WW1 trench battle and  a late WW2 raid on an Allied airbase.

Good trade presence, better than expected in fact, so shiny things were acquired. Chris and Co. are off to Bovington next weekend, whilst I at least will have a weekend at home for the first time in a month!
- Neil

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sittingbourne Show

Thanks go to Chris and Graham for attending and commanding the two fleets for Hotham's First Action; we were able to run the game twice during the day, and had an appreciative audience throughout. One or two minor tweaks to the scenario have been made concerning arrival of the main British forces in order to allow the French a decent chance of achieving their objectives, as the British were able to close and initiate a general action quite easily on both occasions.

Not a bad first show - decent trade presence, and some good games from the attending clubs. Also met up with Dave Crook, who has commented further on his own blog.

The organisers were happy with the game, and have asked if we would like to attend the 2012 show - accepted of course!
- Neil

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Recent Games

Last two weeks games have included Border Reivers, ACW navel, WHFB and Ludis Gladiatorius which as always was good fun. Did surprise myself by letting myself drift within distance of 1 hit point Laurie to enable him to ‘savage attack’ me when my back was turned. And that was after he had tried to get me to team up with him. Some people you just can not trust.

Ludis Gladiatorius is a good little game and it is tempting to use this as a basis for fantasy arena skirmish. My otherworld figures are just screaming to be used. Need to give this one some though.

A picture from a Z game I ran last year.

Friday, 27 May 2011

25th May Games

Last night we had a Wings of War game, run by Neil, with three Albatross against 3 Sopwiths. The superior skill and cunning of the Hun (including me) easily dispatch 2 of the three Sopwith (2 Kills to Herr Chris), with the 3rd running away with its tail firmly between it legs. The British press of were later claiming a moral victory.

The second game was 40k with Orks vs Eldar  vs Space Marines, with the Marines winning at the death obtaining the objective in the final turn of the game.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Future Shows

I thought that I should remind one and all of our show commitments over the next month or so, together with one or two other items of general interest from a military point of view.

From the show point of view, our first in June will be Broadside 2011
in Sittingbourne, Kent, when I shall run a Napoleonic naval game based on an action in early 1795 - more anon. Further information can be found on this link

But be advised, admission and parking charges will apply to all!

Next up is Rampage 2011 on the 26th June, at the usual venue in Dagenham - Dave Kightly has very kindly agreed to run a Border Reivers
game on the day. Doubtless a play test prior to the day, Dave? Not much on the Ilford club website as yet, but check this link nearer to the day

I also understand that Chris, Graham and John will present the Prayer Book Rebellion 1547 multi scenario game at Bovington in early July.

-          Neil

May 17th Game

Thanks to Mark for running a Lord of the Rings game last Wednesday. This went to the wire timewise, as the barman came to call Time on us at 22.00 hrs.

Aeronef was not particularly well supported, but with the two Steves and some British vessels, we managed to scrape a game which ended in a narrow win  for my Italians (without me in charge I hasten to add).

-  Neil

Thursday, 12 May 2011

May 11th Games

Two games on last night. A well attended board game of Last Night on Earth where the heroes managed to rescue the townsfolk before being overrun by zombies.

Second game was a short play test of a set of ACW navel rules. They seemed to work and flow quite well. With numerous shots hitting but bouncing off the armour. Until that was two shots from the confederate ship hit the same area, both penetrating the armour and rolling a maximum critical hit and substantial below the waterline damage. Goodbye monitor. Lot of post battle discussion between the navel masters, Neil and Dave, so I would expect some tweaks for next time.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Games

As I do not turn up every week I can only write up the weeks that I am there, hopefully someone will take up the slack.

We had two games this week. First was a rather boisterous war at sea game run by Dave which I neglected to take any photos of but certainly seemed to keep everyone entertained. Particularly when Pat was caught out accidently using one of the old Salute extreme dice (1,1,2,5,6,6).

"Forward, the Gods are on our side"
The other game was a 48 point/side Hordes of the things (HOTTS) biblical featuring gods being summoned, the early death of a general (by a god) and a lone archer unit heroically fending off a god before being dismembered. The climax involved  the losing sides god driving off our god shortly after we had lost virtually all our left flank to archer fire (on our poor chariots). A good game run by Neil and Chris, with Alan and I doing our best to support.
"The Evil One drives off our diety"

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Salute 2011

The first post on the blog after the club attended Salute 2011, with the Norton St Philip Game,

The game was run by Chris, Neil, Graham and John amoungst others and was well photographed on the day.

Club member Dave also had a couple of Secrets of the Thirds Reich Mecha on display on the west wind stand stand, so I took a couple of pictures with St Philips in the background.