Sunday, 23 December 2012

19th December Games

The Christmas game lived up to its usual level of mayhem. The picturesque village of Much Rutting in the Marsh (owners of the South Loamshire Ordnance Survey map will of course be aware that Lower Sodmire (home of Squire Haggard) lies but a few miles north) played host to a number of very confused dinosaurs, and the odd alien and renegade Timelord. As a special tribute to Bob 'The Doctor' Lovett, I have chosen to illustrate the game with a picture of the man himself and his thrice-resurrected Brachiosaur (I think) Jeff. Talk about one man and his dog! 


Thanks as always to Steve for putting on the game, and for letting me act as Beastmeister as always.

No meeting next week due to Christmas (and the apocalypse promised by the Mayans - allegedly) but I understand a Bolt Action game is planned for the 28th at Laurie's. Shan't be along as I am at work, but hope you all have fun.

Normal meetings resume on the 2nd January 2012 (Mayans permitting!) so start thinking about what games you want to play. As always please accept my best wishes for the season, and may the deity of your choice grant you a Christmas of whatever colour you deem appropriate.

See yer soon,

Friday, 14 December 2012

12th December Games

Busy night last night. Laurie rolled out his recently acquired Old West collection for a for a Cavalry vs. Lakota game, a picture of said Injuns being attached, and very nice too!


I ran an Eastern Front Angels 20 scenario which I have offered previously. The Luftwaffe achieved their objective in rapid time, so we brought another FW190 into play for a full on dogfight. Final score was Germany 3 Russia 1, but good fun for all that. Picture of the game attached.

Next week is the last before Christmas, so the usual festive game is planned. Steve is not sure whether it will include dinosaurs, U.N.I.T. or both, but it should be fun....

See yer soon,

Monday, 10 December 2012

5th December Games

I don't blame those who decided not to attend last night's club meeting - to say it was bitterly cold doesn't even come close! Nice of Andy to bring along some seasonal shortbread, even if I did not partake.

A small Malifaux game took place while I ran a trial X-wing scenario with an attack on a Star Destroyer, primarily to try the expanded weapon and equipment fits for the ships available, and to see if an idea I had for representing the close in weapon systems represented in film and fiction could be replicated. The Rebel attackers achieved their objective of destroying a shield generator but at the cost of their entire force. Whether the 'flak' was too heavy I am not yet sure, and would welcome your thoughts on this matter, since the scenario itself played out OK.

I propose a return to terrestrial air combat next week; Mr. Crook has an idea to pit Zeroes against Hurricanes over the jungle, while I have an urge to run the mammoth Eastern Front scenario again, particularly as the Soviets have had some reinforcements and a bit of a tidy up, which is as good a reason to give them an outing. Any other game offers are, as ever, more than welcome.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 8 December 2012

28th November Games

Another quiet week, but nice to see Dave Weedon and Ernie Fosker after lengthy absences for both members. Don't leave it so long next time, guys.

Decent amount of games going on again. Steve Slater ran the 'Phoenicia' board game again, Bob, Andy and Andy H. were playing Malifaux, and I was able to run an Angels 20 Western Desert scenario which again proved that the Curtiss P-40 is not an aircraft to despise. The Bf 109 F schwarm came off distinctly second best again. Next time, I think the Italians might have a go..... Picture of the action attached.

Not much arranged as yet for next week; I am planning a larger X-wing game, and want to try out an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer. More anon as this is still in the planning stage. Any other offers?

See yer soon,

Thursday, 6 December 2012

21st November Games

A little quiet this week; major item of note was that it was also Laurie's birthday! Thanks to Andrew for the cake - a nice gesture I thought.

Gamewise, I ran a larger Star Wars X-wing game than previously, now the rules are a bit clearer, and introduced the TIE Advanced fighter and Y-wing into the mix. A good scrimmage resulted, in which I managed to achieve my first kill (sorry Rob!) - photo attached. Steve Slater ran a board game called Phoenicia, which kept the birthday boy and others busy.

Next week, I shall return to Angels 20 with a rerun of the scenario for P-40 vs. Bf109 F at the request of Mr. Crook, who has successfully managed to miss every other attempt to play the game! Steve has offered to run Phoenicia again, but I would as always welcome any other offers of entertainment .

See yer soon,