Thursday, 6 December 2012

21st November Games

A little quiet this week; major item of note was that it was also Laurie's birthday! Thanks to Andrew for the cake - a nice gesture I thought.

Gamewise, I ran a larger Star Wars X-wing game than previously, now the rules are a bit clearer, and introduced the TIE Advanced fighter and Y-wing into the mix. A good scrimmage resulted, in which I managed to achieve my first kill (sorry Rob!) - photo attached. Steve Slater ran a board game called Phoenicia, which kept the birthday boy and others busy.

Next week, I shall return to Angels 20 with a rerun of the scenario for P-40 vs. Bf109 F at the request of Mr. Crook, who has successfully managed to miss every other attempt to play the game! Steve has offered to run Phoenicia again, but I would as always welcome any other offers of entertainment .

See yer soon,

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