Monday, 19 November 2012

14th November Games

Decent turnout again now the politics are out of the way for another year (see AGM Minutes on SEEMS Group)

Thanks to Chris for the Bolt Action playtest using his VBCW figures; bit difficult to see deployments due to the heavy cover on the table, but I think all players had fun......

"News for the BBC
The Government forces successfully routed and killed a number of worker revolutionaries in Hockley Essex yesterday. Spokesman The Right Honourable Sir K I Lethemall MP said that the revolutionaries lead by an unsavoury character known only as The Bryson suffered a notable reversal as they were forced from the woods. Unfortunately the government forces also suffered light casualties. Police are following strong leads as to the identity of The Bryson who it is said was skulking in the rear why his men died for his misguided cause. Any information leading to his whereabouts and a conviction will be rewarded by £20 by the Police."

My 18th Century naval game proved to be intersted, being the first of a series of linked scenarios set off the Indian coast during the American Revolution. More to come on this score, I think.

Not much planned for next week as yet. I shall bring the X-Wing stuff and would appreciate any other game offers in due course.

See yer soon, 

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