Saturday, 3 November 2012

31st October Games

Reasonable turnout this week. Thanks to Andy for running his pirates game (wi' a curse!), I believe as a test of rules it went OK. The arrival of Rob and Mark gave Andy Hunt and I the chance to run a much-delayed Angels 20 scenario, featuring my recently repainted P-40's in a runout against Bf 109F's over the Western Desert. It was a good game for me for two reasons:
1) I didn't get shot down.
2) I didn't get shot down.

You get the picture....

Andy scored two kills, blatting 109's with close range goodness from his P40's. The scenario I think needs a slight tweak to put the Germans at higher altitude for an initial 'bounce' as was so often the case in the Western Desert, but this was a really fun game. Pictures attached to illustrate.

As you know, the AGM is scheduled for next Wednesday 7th November and I would ideally like to start as soon after 8pm as possible, as we have a lot to cover. I would like to see as many of you as possible attending, given the nature of what is to be discussed. Please make the effort if you possibly can....

See yer soon,

More pics from the games - 

Sneaky pirates...

Look at those 6's - BOOM!

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