Tuesday, 17 February 2015

11th February Games

     A decent turnout this week. Thanks to John for running a WW2 game and Neil for running an impromptu 3 way Lion's Rampant game. 

     Both looked like really enjoyable games and, from a personal point of view, we will definitely see more Lion's Rampant in the future. The game flows really nicely and definitely feels like it could support multiple players on a more regular basis.

lion's rampant stark game of thrones warband saga

Friday, 6 February 2015

4th February Games

      Another good turn out this week, with Alan and me playing an impromptu game of Saga, while the rest of those present played a big multi player game of LotR put on by Mark.

lotr lord of the rings game played gw
Lotr first turn

saga dark age war-game skirmish
Scenery-less saga game

      Next week John is putting on his 15mm WW2 game and there is going to Lion's Rampant for anyone with a force to join in with.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Convention Logo

Sometime last year Neil asked me to produce a new Club logo for showing at conventions and some idiot suggested doing it as a pop up which I foolishly agreed to. Unfortunately I then had a nasty operation followed by various other family upsets and never finished in time for last years season. I did finished it some three months ago but have not actually been to the club in all that time (and annoyingly forgot to take last Friday when I saw Chris at Waylands) so I thought I'd stick a few photo's up to show everyone what it looks like and provided it meets approval hope to arrange to get it in before the next convention.

Laying flat it comprises of two A1 sheets

To show the pop out element a little better for the photo this is taken slightly closed.