Tuesday, 25 February 2014

19th Feb Games

Not a bad turnout this week; a distinct scifi theme with a 40K game for the benefit of two visitors (hi Ian and Ben!) and a Star Trek game. Pictures of both games attached.

Next week, I will run a Napoleonic naval game, while Dave Kightly has offered to run his ever popular zombie apocalypse game.

See yer soon,

Monday, 17 February 2014

12th Feb Games

My Angels 20 game featured two B-17F 1/144 scale models which were ably flown by Ed and James, with Steve H commanding the two P-38 escort fighters. Andy and Bob flew Me109 G's and Fw190A's to attack the formation, but did not fare terribly well! Picture attached showing part of the action.

Steve Slater ran a Wings of Glory WW1 game to complete the aviation theme. A mixture of aircraft types took part in the action, including a Fokker D7 in the all-white colour scheme used by one Hermann Goering during his period with Richtofen's Flying circus; it appears he did not last long, being shot down in flames in short order......Picture shows part of the game in full flow.

This seems an opportune moment to remind one and all that Cavalier 2014 is being held at Tonbridge next weekend Sunday 23rd February 2014. We are running the Table Top Teasers on Tour War of Spanish Succession game we last played at SELWG last October. It has been advised that there will NOT be a bring and buy stall at this year's show, so don't bring stuff to sell. The link to the TWWS website for further details is http://www.twws.org.uk/index.htm

This coming Wednesday we have a Star Trek Attack Wing game lined up, together with a Warhammer 40K game.

See yer soon,

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

29th January Games

Chris and Alan were play testing the Dystopian Wars naval rules (see picture) and by all accounts found the rules to be entertaining. My thanks to Dave Kightly for running his Zombie Apocalypse game for the benefit of the remaining attendees; Mike had the unique distinction of dying twice in this game after being attacked by the zombies and then despatched by his erstwhile foraging companions! A picture of the action is also attached.

Next week Mike, Steve Harbron and I intend to run a Star Trek Attack Wing game for any interested parties. I didn't hear of any other games arranged last night, so if anything comes up please let me know.

See yer soon,