Friday, 27 May 2011

25th May Games

Last night we had a Wings of War game, run by Neil, with three Albatross against 3 Sopwiths. The superior skill and cunning of the Hun (including me) easily dispatch 2 of the three Sopwith (2 Kills to Herr Chris), with the 3rd running away with its tail firmly between it legs. The British press of were later claiming a moral victory.

The second game was 40k with Orks vs Eldar  vs Space Marines, with the Marines winning at the death obtaining the objective in the final turn of the game.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Future Shows

I thought that I should remind one and all of our show commitments over the next month or so, together with one or two other items of general interest from a military point of view.

From the show point of view, our first in June will be Broadside 2011
in Sittingbourne, Kent, when I shall run a Napoleonic naval game based on an action in early 1795 - more anon. Further information can be found on this link

But be advised, admission and parking charges will apply to all!

Next up is Rampage 2011 on the 26th June, at the usual venue in Dagenham - Dave Kightly has very kindly agreed to run a Border Reivers
game on the day. Doubtless a play test prior to the day, Dave? Not much on the Ilford club website as yet, but check this link nearer to the day

I also understand that Chris, Graham and John will present the Prayer Book Rebellion 1547 multi scenario game at Bovington in early July.

-          Neil

May 17th Game

Thanks to Mark for running a Lord of the Rings game last Wednesday. This went to the wire timewise, as the barman came to call Time on us at 22.00 hrs.

Aeronef was not particularly well supported, but with the two Steves and some British vessels, we managed to scrape a game which ended in a narrow win  for my Italians (without me in charge I hasten to add).

-  Neil

Thursday, 12 May 2011

May 11th Games

Two games on last night. A well attended board game of Last Night on Earth where the heroes managed to rescue the townsfolk before being overrun by zombies.

Second game was a short play test of a set of ACW navel rules. They seemed to work and flow quite well. With numerous shots hitting but bouncing off the armour. Until that was two shots from the confederate ship hit the same area, both penetrating the armour and rolling a maximum critical hit and substantial below the waterline damage. Goodbye monitor. Lot of post battle discussion between the navel masters, Neil and Dave, so I would expect some tweaks for next time.