Thursday, 30 August 2012

22nd August Games

Slightly down on numbers this week, but a busy evening nevertheless. Thanks to Dave Kightly for running his post WW2 zombie apocalypse game; the picture attached proves that we do have some people attending on club nights, but I am a bit concerned about the state of Bob's and Andy's eyes - did I set the red-eye filter or is there something we should know? :o)
Dave Crook and I (following the inevitable pre game horse trading ) settled down to a little aerial activity, rerunning the MS 406 vs. Macchi 200 scenario I run a couple of weeks ago, but at the level I had originally intended. The French did better this time, shooting down both my 200's by the end of the game. I had difficulty in closing for a good shot, and with less firepower than the 406, couldn't make it stick - and that, members of the jury, is the case for the defence! Picture of a battered 200 sweeping in behind the 406's is attached for propaganda purposes.

Next week, John has agreed to run his 15mm 1940 game for those interested. I can run Angels 20, but if there is sufficient interest, I could be persuaded to run a Space Hulk for a change. Let's hear from you, people...............

See yer soon

Friday, 17 August 2012

15th August Games

Another busy night this week. Thanks to Mark fur running his Victorian Gothic horror game, which looked fantastic! Another game I think for some of the smaller shows we attend, with a bit of work.

My own humble effort was the inevitable Angels 20 game, this week's action being centred on the Luftwaffe (Bf109's and Fw190's) fighting their way past a flight of P-51 Mustangs to get at the bomber stream. The Boche had the best of it in the end, as pilot quality told out in the end. Given that this was an ever decreasing advantage as the USAAF raids on Germany continued, a future scenario would probably have to factor in Average or even Rookie pilots for the Luftwaffe. Pictures of both games are attached.

Next week, Dave Kightly has offered to run his post WW2 zombie game (which we are hoping to present at SELWG in October), and I will bring the aircraft again as a back up. Hopefully, Mr. Crook's much anticipated Battle of Britain scenario will be on offer then.

See yer soon,

Friday, 10 August 2012

8th August Games

A pleasant surprise for me this week insofar as there were sufficient games on offer to give Angels 20 a break. Mark and Co. ran a Warhammer 40K game (which I confess I didn't find time to take a look at), while Chris ran a Western gunfight using a new set of rules, called (I believe) Combat Resolution 3.0, from the Two Hours Wargames studio.Given the scenario had been drawn up by Steve without prior knowledge of the rules, it all went rather well I thought. Certainly the game flowed well, and the combat results were certainly decisive! No photos this week as the camera decided to have a night at home (i.e. I forgot the damn thing!)

For next week, Mark has kindly offered to run a further Victorian Gothic horror game for the strong of heart and trembling lower lip. I shall of course support things with Angels 20 (Mr. Crook has promised me a Battle of Britain scenario which may prove entertaining). As ever any other offers are welcome.

See yer soon,


Monday, 6 August 2012

1st August Games

Reasonably busy last night; Mark and co. ran a large Warhammer 40K game, which gave Brad a chance to use part of his rather substantial Space Marine Chapter force (sorry Brad, can't remember which chapter they represent!). My offering, as ever, was WW2 aerial using Angels 20, but I managed to come up with something a little off the wall. 

I have only run one game to date using the French Morane 406 fighters (albeit in Finnish markings), and thus considered it was time for their counterparts from the Armee de l'Air to join in. Using French and Finnish marked models, I set the game as a fight with the Italians in a 'what if?' situation against Macchi 200 and 202 fighters (the latter in service rather earlier than was the case). An interesting game ensued, and while the Moranes and the Macchi 200's were closely matched, the 202's were the clear class of the field. Suffice to say the Franco-Finns were swept from the skies, but if I can obtain a few more appropriate models, this one might well run again. We even had time for Steve to run a quick Thunder Road game after the smoke cleared! Pictures of both games are attached for flavour.

Next week, we have decided to run the same types of game again, i.e. Warhammer 40K and Angels 20. Any other suggestions or offers ware of course most welcome.

See yer soon,