Friday, 17 August 2012

15th August Games

Another busy night this week. Thanks to Mark fur running his Victorian Gothic horror game, which looked fantastic! Another game I think for some of the smaller shows we attend, with a bit of work.

My own humble effort was the inevitable Angels 20 game, this week's action being centred on the Luftwaffe (Bf109's and Fw190's) fighting their way past a flight of P-51 Mustangs to get at the bomber stream. The Boche had the best of it in the end, as pilot quality told out in the end. Given that this was an ever decreasing advantage as the USAAF raids on Germany continued, a future scenario would probably have to factor in Average or even Rookie pilots for the Luftwaffe. Pictures of both games are attached.

Next week, Dave Kightly has offered to run his post WW2 zombie game (which we are hoping to present at SELWG in October), and I will bring the aircraft again as a back up. Hopefully, Mr. Crook's much anticipated Battle of Britain scenario will be on offer then.

See yer soon,

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  1. Hiya Mr Fox,

    Certainly the Luftwaffe pilot quality needs to come down some overall as the war progressed. It was the usual story of the good pilots being few and far between (and getting fewer and further between!) and the rest getting worse - especially as the fuel situation began to bite. Making half the Germans rookies would probably not be far off.

    All the best,

    DC - hoping to be around Wednesday for the BoB game.