Friday, 22 May 2015

20th May Games

     Thanks to Dave Knightly for running an Old West Gunfight game last night; judging by the colour of some of the comments and the volume generated, the playtest should have generated some useful feedback. . . . 

     My evening was not so jolly, as I got my behind kicked by Steve H in a small Napoleonic naval game. Suffice to say I am man enough to admit I was outsailed and outfought - this time at least.

      I won't be down next week due to work commitments, but I gather that Dave K wishes to run a further OWGF game as specifically requested. Jail Bust!


Monday, 18 May 2015

13th May Games

We were a bit thin on the ground this week, so only Steve's Wings of War game went ahead as planned. This was  hugely enjoyable and we were able to run two games during the evening.

Next week; a Napoleonic naval game and a threatened western.

See yer soon


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

6th May Games


Two decent games last night; Mark ran his Victorian Gothic Horror game, while Alan and I had a Lion Rampant action set in the War of the Roses. Both games were enjoyable, and we had a visitor (hi Vic!) whom we will hopefully see again soon.

Next week Steve has offered to run a Wing of War WW1 game, and I feel the need for some Napoleonic naval action - currently seeking inspiration from the Sam Willis' title on the Glorious First of June 1794.

See yer soon