Saturday, 28 July 2012

25th July Games

Thanks to Chris and Alan for providing the additional figures for the Hordes of the Things Dark Ages game I ran last night. It was nice to see figures which haven't been in action for two or three years back on the table. Time, as ever, was our worst enemy, and it was not possible to reach a conclusion before closing time; all I will say was that the Norse were still moving forward at the end of the game............ :) I have attached a couple of photo's I took of the overall game, and a close up of the Saxon shieldwall I was facing.

Next week, I return to work, but I shall be bringing along the Angels 20 for the general amusement of one and all. Mr Crook has promised to run up a Battle of Britain scenario for the occasion. I understand that there is also a Warhammer 40K game planned.

See yer soon,


Sunday, 22 July 2012

18th July Games

Since I am currently on holiday for a couple of weeks (back in the slammer Monday week though), I have the opportunity to get the post game report away in good time.

A good turn out this week; Mark and co. ran a large scale Lord of the Rings game, which I sadly didn't get the opportunity to take a look at. Likewise, Chris ran a play test for a set of skirmish rules for the interwar period - I would be interested in any feedback from this, given the Osprey sponsored rules for this period are due for publication soon. My own offering in the Angels 20 format kept the Soviets in the air again, but this time facing the Italians, who of course provided substantial forces on the southern part of the Russian Front. I regret to advise that my part in the game was rather short-lived, as I got well and truly bounced! Dave, the two Steves and Brad continued to make a fight of things right up to close of play, by which time the balance of losses had been redressed but the Italians' remaining aircraft were carrying damage. One to try again I think......

Next week, Chris and I are looking to run a Dark Ages 28mm game using the HoTTs rules. If anybody has figures in scale, based for DBA or HoTTs, let me know the numbers and I will try and work them into the orbats. The nature of the game and scenario are of course still secret (even to me!). We also have an offer of a Malifaux game, and Steve Slater has offered to bring a selection of boardgames to cover any shortfall.

See yer soon,

Sunday, 15 July 2012

11th July Games

A better turn out this week, with two games running. Steve ran a Pirates of the Crimson Coast derived game, whilst my Angels 20 offering this week revisited the 1941 Eastern Front scenario I ran recently (and shot something down!). A schwarme of Bf109 E's took on a motley bunch of Soviet Yak-1's and I-16's in a head to head fight. Some impressive furballs resulted (some of which I believe have been captured for posterity and the blog), with the issue in doubt until the final move which saw two 109's, a Yak and an I-16 shot down. On this occasion then, a Soviet victory, but I think the Luftwaffe will have more to say on the matter....

Next week, we have a Lord of the Rings game laid on, with my customary Angels 20 game as an alternative. Chris is also intending to run a play test of a new set of rules - details to follow if possible.

See yer soon

Four Bf109 E's ('Ace' and 9 in the first rotte with 4 and 8 in the second rotte) faced off against two Soviet Polikarpov I-16 Ishaks and three Yak-1's... 

Flying into contact...both sides waste no time.

The first Bf109 'rotte' Rottenf├╝hrer 'Ace' and his Katchmarek ''wingman' ('9') in formation bank into join the second rotte and begin the attack...

...leaving two Yak-1's damaged.

Rottenf├╝hrer '4' is pursued by the damaged Soviets...

...but takes out one of the Ishaks! (BOOM!)

Meanwhile, Katchmarek '9' has overshot and looses contact with his leader - he pays the prices as a damaged Yak-1 blows him out of the sky! (BOOM!)

His leader and Katchmarek '8' returen the favour and the Yak bursts into a ball of flame! (BOOM!)

Just as '4' is also blasted to oblivion by the remaining Soviets...(BOOM!)

In all, a fairly brutal encounter - final result was two Germans downed to two Russian (with a couple more in need of repairs) so the remaining two Jerry limped home minus half the schwarme. A bit of fancy synchronised flying by the first German 'rotte' and some good attacking moves by the second didn't save them from the determined Soviet flyers!

Polikarpov I-16 , Coburg Airshow 4.July 2009

Monday, 9 July 2012

Bovington 2012

We did ‘A very French Civil War’ at Bovington over the weekend. Set in 1936 when France nearly went into meltdown. Rightists, Leftists, Royalists and Communists with a gaggle of nuns, a fractious shopkeeper and a gallant but stupid gendarme.
We used Triumph and Tragedy rules which worked really well.
Sadly we were in a very dimly lit area – very ‘30’s but death on photography.
We won best game of the show and best painted army – a bit strange as they were nearly all civilians. 
Excellent show but a bit damp outside as we were under all those bright colours on the weather maps.
Oh and it was wet outside:-

4th July Games

As expected, we were very thin on the ground this week - so much so that I was able to accommodate all present in an Angels 20 game! This was for some their first game, and I think all enjoyed themselves. Oberleutnant Bryson certainly expressed profound satisfaction when his Me110 shot down Pilot Officer 'Ginger' Slater's Hurricane. Can't think why........... 

I expect that numbers will still be low next week, so the plan currently is to go with the same idea as this week, i.e. Angels 20 and a selection of board games. Any other offers welcomed, particularly now the three table setup has been confirmed.

See yer soon,

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Old Salute 2011 Pictures

Found these old pics from Salute 2011 (yes, that long ago!) and thought I would post them for posterity!

Can you spot the Tardis?

The mean streets...

Armies advance to contact.

Another shot of the legendary mecha!

Monday, 2 July 2012

27th June Games

Those attending this week will have noticed the extra table made available by the Centre. Having requested this myself, hopefully we can make use of the space on a regular basis. I was able to run an Angels 20 game set on the Eastern Front early in Operation Barbarossa, and actually managed to shoot something down for a change! Thanks also to Steve for running a Dracula related game, and also to Andy, Bob and co. for the Malifaux game.

A previous Malifaux game.

The holiday season is upon us, and I understand we may be short a few people in the coming weeks. This coming week, Steve S. has offered to bring a selection of boardgames for our entertainment, and I will provide the by now inevitable Angels 20 game. Any other offers are welcome.

See yer soon,