Sunday, 22 July 2012

18th July Games

Since I am currently on holiday for a couple of weeks (back in the slammer Monday week though), I have the opportunity to get the post game report away in good time.

A good turn out this week; Mark and co. ran a large scale Lord of the Rings game, which I sadly didn't get the opportunity to take a look at. Likewise, Chris ran a play test for a set of skirmish rules for the interwar period - I would be interested in any feedback from this, given the Osprey sponsored rules for this period are due for publication soon. My own offering in the Angels 20 format kept the Soviets in the air again, but this time facing the Italians, who of course provided substantial forces on the southern part of the Russian Front. I regret to advise that my part in the game was rather short-lived, as I got well and truly bounced! Dave, the two Steves and Brad continued to make a fight of things right up to close of play, by which time the balance of losses had been redressed but the Italians' remaining aircraft were carrying damage. One to try again I think......

Next week, Chris and I are looking to run a Dark Ages 28mm game using the HoTTs rules. If anybody has figures in scale, based for DBA or HoTTs, let me know the numbers and I will try and work them into the orbats. The nature of the game and scenario are of course still secret (even to me!). We also have an offer of a Malifaux game, and Steve Slater has offered to bring a selection of boardgames to cover any shortfall.

See yer soon,

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