Thursday, 26 May 2016

25th May Games


We were a bit thin on the ground this week.

Josh and Steve played a Flames of War game as a learning exercise for Josh - since he was learning, he lost.

Dave K ran an Old West themed Pulp Alley game, which ran all evening and was great fun. Thanks, Dave.

I am informed that Laurie has now been released from hospital, and although his recovery is taking time, has asked for a game to be arranged at his house shortly. Good news then!

Next week, Andy has indicated that he will run a further samurai skirmish game, while Dave C has offered to run the battlecruiser action from Jutland in honour of the centenary of the battle. I'll bring Angels 20 as a back-up.

See yer soon


Friday, 20 May 2016

18th May Games


Andy P trialled his Samurai skirmish game last night. Andy's game is still in the formative stages, but the work he has done so far is very impressive.

While Steve H and I played the aptly named Space Hulk 'Suicide Mission' scenario. Steve and I played the scenario twice as marines and stealers in turn, but the Deathwing were having an off day with the dice while the stealers could do no wrong. Always another day . . .

I understand that Laurie Bryson has made sufficient progress after his stroke to be released from hospital in the next few days - this will come as a relief to all members and our best wishes go to him for a full recovery in the near future.

Next week, plans have been made for a Flames of War game, with an Old West gunfight under consideration. I'll bring down Angels 20 as I feel the need for speed!

See yer soon


Friday, 13 May 2016

11th May Games


A reasonable turnout last night; Steve S. hosted a Warzone game

Steve H. and I were engaged with a Napoleonic naval game. This was (thankfully) interrupted by Messrs' Crook and Collard as it was starting to look as though was going to take a beating, having lost a 74 within three moves of the start!

By now, you will have received my email concerning Laurie, who has been admitted to hospital after apparently suffering a stroke. Details are scarce at present, but I know you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Next week's games may include a selection of board games and a possible samurai skirmish. I haven't decided what to bring yet but I feel a Space Hulk game coming on.

See yer soon,


Friday, 6 May 2016

4th May Games


A bit low on numbers this week due to holidays, but two interesting games nonetheless.

The Steves and Alan were play-testing Warmachine - more tuition required apparently.

I ran a Dark Ages Lion's Rampant game for Josh and Chris; Josh had to escort a V.I.P off the table and was successful in doing so. He claims that the success was due to employing NFL blitz tactics, but I don't think the Norse had access to the game despite the Vinland settlements!

Next week's games include Warzone and a Napoleon naval affair.

See yer soon