Friday, 31 October 2014

29th October Games

    It was quite a healthy turn out but due to the staggered time people turned up, only one game was actually run, so thanks to Steve Slater for running his multiplayer French Indian Wars game for those who turned up. 

     The game itself quickly devolved into the British light infantry unit holding up two units of Indians in the dense forest, while two units of French marines held back two units of British militia until a flanking action by the British Rangers forced them to lose ground nearer the river. It was a close run game but ultimately it was the British who held the river at the end of the game.

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

12th October Games


My profound thanks go to Mark and the two Steves for stepping up to the plate and running the Napoleonic naval game at SELWG yesterday; we received a number of comments concerning the game, the rules and my ship models, all of which were very flattering! A picture of part of the action is attached. We were not in the running for a prize, but it was satisfying to see the scenario played to a logical conclusion. Suffice to say it ended in a winning draw for the British.

I understand from Dave Kightly that his  health problem relates to kidney stones (having suffered with this myself, I can sympathise!). He tells me that he will be undergoing a procedure this coming Friday to eradicate the problem, and I am sure you will all join me in wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

This coming Wednesday we don't have anything specific planned, so I will bring Ludis Gladiatorus for some arena mayhem, while Steve Slater has promised to bring some board games and Steve Harbron will bring his X wing collection for good measure.

See yer soon,


Monday, 6 October 2014

1st October Games

Thanks to Andy for running a spirited (?) Dogs of War game yesterday. I think everybody involved enjoyed themselves. . . .
I ran An introductory Angels 20 game for Paul, Lance, Dave K and John. This went down to the wire between Paul and John, but the clock beat us in the end.

I understand that a Lord of the Rings game has been arranged for next wednesday.

I will pop in to finalise details for the club game at SELWG on the 12th October, but I won't be able to run a game then. I will await final details of table etc, from the organisers, but I have been able to confirm that we are on the clubs attending list on their website;


See yer son,