Tuesday, 14 October 2014

12th October Games


My profound thanks go to Mark and the two Steves for stepping up to the plate and running the Napoleonic naval game at SELWG yesterday; we received a number of comments concerning the game, the rules and my ship models, all of which were very flattering! A picture of part of the action is attached. We were not in the running for a prize, but it was satisfying to see the scenario played to a logical conclusion. Suffice to say it ended in a winning draw for the British.

I understand from Dave Kightly that his  health problem relates to kidney stones (having suffered with this myself, I can sympathise!). He tells me that he will be undergoing a procedure this coming Friday to eradicate the problem, and I am sure you will all join me in wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

This coming Wednesday we don't have anything specific planned, so I will bring Ludis Gladiatorus for some arena mayhem, while Steve Slater has promised to bring some board games and Steve Harbron will bring his X wing collection for good measure.

See yer soon,


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