Sunday, 23 December 2012

19th December Games

The Christmas game lived up to its usual level of mayhem. The picturesque village of Much Rutting in the Marsh (owners of the South Loamshire Ordnance Survey map will of course be aware that Lower Sodmire (home of Squire Haggard) lies but a few miles north) played host to a number of very confused dinosaurs, and the odd alien and renegade Timelord. As a special tribute to Bob 'The Doctor' Lovett, I have chosen to illustrate the game with a picture of the man himself and his thrice-resurrected Brachiosaur (I think) Jeff. Talk about one man and his dog! 


Thanks as always to Steve for putting on the game, and for letting me act as Beastmeister as always.

No meeting next week due to Christmas (and the apocalypse promised by the Mayans - allegedly) but I understand a Bolt Action game is planned for the 28th at Laurie's. Shan't be along as I am at work, but hope you all have fun.

Normal meetings resume on the 2nd January 2012 (Mayans permitting!) so start thinking about what games you want to play. As always please accept my best wishes for the season, and may the deity of your choice grant you a Christmas of whatever colour you deem appropriate.

See yer soon,

Friday, 14 December 2012

12th December Games

Busy night last night. Laurie rolled out his recently acquired Old West collection for a for a Cavalry vs. Lakota game, a picture of said Injuns being attached, and very nice too!


I ran an Eastern Front Angels 20 scenario which I have offered previously. The Luftwaffe achieved their objective in rapid time, so we brought another FW190 into play for a full on dogfight. Final score was Germany 3 Russia 1, but good fun for all that. Picture of the game attached.

Next week is the last before Christmas, so the usual festive game is planned. Steve is not sure whether it will include dinosaurs, U.N.I.T. or both, but it should be fun....

See yer soon,

Monday, 10 December 2012

5th December Games

I don't blame those who decided not to attend last night's club meeting - to say it was bitterly cold doesn't even come close! Nice of Andy to bring along some seasonal shortbread, even if I did not partake.

A small Malifaux game took place while I ran a trial X-wing scenario with an attack on a Star Destroyer, primarily to try the expanded weapon and equipment fits for the ships available, and to see if an idea I had for representing the close in weapon systems represented in film and fiction could be replicated. The Rebel attackers achieved their objective of destroying a shield generator but at the cost of their entire force. Whether the 'flak' was too heavy I am not yet sure, and would welcome your thoughts on this matter, since the scenario itself played out OK.

I propose a return to terrestrial air combat next week; Mr. Crook has an idea to pit Zeroes against Hurricanes over the jungle, while I have an urge to run the mammoth Eastern Front scenario again, particularly as the Soviets have had some reinforcements and a bit of a tidy up, which is as good a reason to give them an outing. Any other game offers are, as ever, more than welcome.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 8 December 2012

28th November Games

Another quiet week, but nice to see Dave Weedon and Ernie Fosker after lengthy absences for both members. Don't leave it so long next time, guys.

Decent amount of games going on again. Steve Slater ran the 'Phoenicia' board game again, Bob, Andy and Andy H. were playing Malifaux, and I was able to run an Angels 20 Western Desert scenario which again proved that the Curtiss P-40 is not an aircraft to despise. The Bf 109 F schwarm came off distinctly second best again. Next time, I think the Italians might have a go..... Picture of the action attached.

Not much arranged as yet for next week; I am planning a larger X-wing game, and want to try out an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer. More anon as this is still in the planning stage. Any other offers?

See yer soon,

Thursday, 6 December 2012

21st November Games

A little quiet this week; major item of note was that it was also Laurie's birthday! Thanks to Andrew for the cake - a nice gesture I thought.

Gamewise, I ran a larger Star Wars X-wing game than previously, now the rules are a bit clearer, and introduced the TIE Advanced fighter and Y-wing into the mix. A good scrimmage resulted, in which I managed to achieve my first kill (sorry Rob!) - photo attached. Steve Slater ran a board game called Phoenicia, which kept the birthday boy and others busy.

Next week, I shall return to Angels 20 with a rerun of the scenario for P-40 vs. Bf109 F at the request of Mr. Crook, who has successfully managed to miss every other attempt to play the game! Steve has offered to run Phoenicia again, but I would as always welcome any other offers of entertainment .

See yer soon,

Monday, 19 November 2012

14th November Games

Decent turnout again now the politics are out of the way for another year (see AGM Minutes on SEEMS Group)

Thanks to Chris for the Bolt Action playtest using his VBCW figures; bit difficult to see deployments due to the heavy cover on the table, but I think all players had fun......

"News for the BBC
The Government forces successfully routed and killed a number of worker revolutionaries in Hockley Essex yesterday. Spokesman The Right Honourable Sir K I Lethemall MP said that the revolutionaries lead by an unsavoury character known only as The Bryson suffered a notable reversal as they were forced from the woods. Unfortunately the government forces also suffered light casualties. Police are following strong leads as to the identity of The Bryson who it is said was skulking in the rear why his men died for his misguided cause. Any information leading to his whereabouts and a conviction will be rewarded by £20 by the Police."

My 18th Century naval game proved to be intersted, being the first of a series of linked scenarios set off the Indian coast during the American Revolution. More to come on this score, I think.

Not much planned for next week as yet. I shall bring the X-Wing stuff and would appreciate any other game offers in due course.

See yer soon, 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

31st October Games

Reasonable turnout this week. Thanks to Andy for running his pirates game (wi' a curse!), I believe as a test of rules it went OK. The arrival of Rob and Mark gave Andy Hunt and I the chance to run a much-delayed Angels 20 scenario, featuring my recently repainted P-40's in a runout against Bf 109F's over the Western Desert. It was a good game for me for two reasons:
1) I didn't get shot down.
2) I didn't get shot down.

You get the picture....

Andy scored two kills, blatting 109's with close range goodness from his P40's. The scenario I think needs a slight tweak to put the Germans at higher altitude for an initial 'bounce' as was so often the case in the Western Desert, but this was a really fun game. Pictures attached to illustrate.

As you know, the AGM is scheduled for next Wednesday 7th November and I would ideally like to start as soon after 8pm as possible, as we have a lot to cover. I would like to see as many of you as possible attending, given the nature of what is to be discussed. Please make the effort if you possibly can....

See yer soon,

More pics from the games - 

Sneaky pirates...

Look at those 6's - BOOM!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

24th October Games

Fair turnout last night; thanks to Chris for running a Western Gunfight game; the new buildings which have been appearing of late really set this off, and I gather the rules from Two Hour Wargames are working well. I ran a further Star Wars X-wing game, and continued my record of being shot 'down' yet again, in what proved to be an Imperial victory.

The games arranged for next week consist of a pirate game to be organised by Andy. I have offered to run an Angels 20 game set over the Western Desert which has been somewhat delayed due to the attractions of the X-wing game!

See yer soon
Neil ___

Sunday, 21 October 2012

17th October Games

Pretty good turnout in the aftermath of the SELWG show; thanks to Mark for running his SWAT game for the benefit of the majority. I, for my part, having acquired additional bits for the Star Wars X-Wing game, was set the task of entertaining the two Steves!

Additional reading of the rules has helped, and this game was a much improved experience for one and all. Suffice to say that I did not survive the game (again!), but for once it doesn't matter, as a good time was had by all.

Next week, Chris has offered to run an Old West gunfight (don't forget the buildings Laurie), whilst I shall continue my quest for that elusive first X-Wing kill. Any other offer for games are appreciated.

See yer soon,

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SELWG 2012

Another decent result at Crystal Palace yesterday - runner up in the Participation game class. Well done to Dave Kightly, the Steves, Mark, and Bob for all their work both before and during the show , and to Chris for preparing the playsheets etc. I have attached a picture of the mayhem in progress for the benefit of those who could not make it on the day. I ended up doing the usual PR duties and scattering my bank balance round the venue, and very therapeutic it was too!

I have confirmed with Andy Hunt and Laurie that the AGM is to be held on Wednesday 7th November 2012 starting at 8pm. There is much to cover this year, and I would be grateful to all those who can make the effort to attend on the night.

Just to confirm - this Wednesday, we have Mark's SWAT team game lined up. I intend to run an Angels 20 game as previously advised, and Steve Slater has offered to bring along a couple of board games to cover any gaps.

See yer soon,

Some pics from "The Restless Dead" at SELWG 2012...

More pics of the event...

7TV - Crooked Dice.

Garage Gamers - The Battle of Otford 775AD.

Garage Gamers - The Battle of Otford 775AD.

Crawley Wargames Club - Brave Little Belgium. Winner of 'Best in Show'.

Crawley Wargames Club - Brave Little Belgium. Winner of 'Best in Show'.

Maidstone Wargames Society - Operation Deadstick.

Maidstone Wargames Society - Operation Deadstick.

Shepway Wargames Club - Romans Go Home!

Shepway Wargames Club - Romans Go Home!

Southend Wargames Club - The Battle of Benfleet.

Southend Wargames Club - The Battle of Benfleet.

Southend Wargames Club - The Battle of Benfleet.

Southend Wargames Club - The Battle of Benfleet.

Southend Wargames Club - The Battle of Benfleet.

Southend Wargames Club - The Battle of Benfleet.

South London Warlords - Scarlet Thunder.

South London Warlords - Scarlet Thunder. Note Andrew Hubback, editor of Miniature Wargames, in the background.

Check out the following blogs for more pictures and reports -

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David's A Wargaming Odyssey

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**UPDATE - see Clint's "Restless Dead" report on Anything But a One.**


Saturday, 13 October 2012

10th October Games

Good turnout last night. Thanks to Chris for running another Bolt Action game - VBCW this time I believe. Also thanks to Mark & co. for the Lord of the Rings game. I am afraid I didn't get a lot of time to check these out as I got a bit busy.

Steve Harbron, Dave Crook and I ended up giving the new Star Wars X Wing game a try; earlier than I had intended if truth be known, as I had only read the rules once! Once past the initial problems, however, these seems to play well. The natural order of the universe soon established itself, and I was shot down...bugger. Certainly I shall be playing this again, and with some new toys to be acquired shortly.

Predictably, this will most likely be at Crystal Palace this Sunday. Dave Kightly's WW2 zombie game is our offering to the visiting public, and I look forward to seeing as many of you on the day.

Next week's games include an Angels 20 for Mr. Crook's benefit - P-40's versus Bf109's which I had planned for this week. I think that Mark is planning a SWAT game, but I would welcome confirmation of this and any other games planned.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 6 October 2012

3rd October Games

Pretty good turnout last night; thanks to Chris for running a trial game of the new Bolt Action WW2 rules for various members. I hadn't seen a full game before this session, and it was interesting to see how well the rules worked. This may well enable us to run larger games at the show in the coming year, given a rework of some of the scenarios. Bob and Andrew were also playing Malifaux, and Steve ran a Pirates of the Caribbean game to fill a gap. I am afraid I didn't get much chance to see how those games went. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Next week's offering include a further Bolt Action game hosted by Chris, together with a Lord of the Rings game from Mark and co. Having had a short break from Angels 20 (Writtle notwithstanding- thanks to those who attended and helped to run the two games for the visiting public) I propose to blood my recently repainted P-40's against Bf109's over the Western Desert; Mr. Crook is seeking revenge for the last outing, which did not go well for the Luftwaffe!

I have just received final details from SELWG concerning our table. We have been allocated table H in the main hall, which is in the middle row of tables opposite the Caliver Books stand. Other details remain as in previous years - the hall will open at about 8 am, with the show starting at 10 am and finishing at 4 pm. I am impressed with the manner in which the zombie game is coming together, and think we can really make something of a splash with this one.

See yer soon,

Monday, 1 October 2012

26th September Games

A good evening this week. Thanks to Dave Kightly for running a zombie game, despite leaving his figures behind....DOH!! Also mega thanks to Brad for loaning his Lord of the Rings figures to help out (and apologies for the damage to the carrying case. Hope it repairs OK). The game itself was full of the usual cheerful mayhem, and bodes well for its appearance at SELWG on the 14th October. Preparations are seemingly in hand as we speak.

Don't forget the figures then Dave!

This coming Sunday 30th September sees the Essex Warriors Open Day at Writtle. I am taking the Angels 20 setup to see if we can find some new opponents/cannon fodder, and hope to see some of you on the day.

Next Wednesday I understand a Malifaux game is scheduled. Chris has offered to run a play test of the new Bolt Action WW2 rules, which I will certainly be looking at, having bought a set of the rules already. I have already sent a copy of the play sheet to the group on an earlier mail, but if anybody has not received this, please let me know and I will email it direct.

See yer soon,

Friday, 21 September 2012

19th September Games

Bit short on numbers again this week, but lots going on. Thanks to Dave and Mark for the Dark Ages rules play test, which has great potential (and means I have to start painting Saxons again!). The two Steves were engrossed in a Van Helsing board game, which featured my favourite toy from the film - the repeating crossbow!

Next week, Dave wants to run a practice zombie game prior to SELWG, which might not be a bad idea. I'll bring the Angels 20 set up in case any one wants to brush up their dogfighting skills before the Writtle show on the 30th. Don't forget that Wayland Games are running their Bolt Action rules open day this Saturday; might be worth going if you have time.

See yer soon,

Sunday, 16 September 2012

12th September Games

Reasonable attendance levels this week; thanks to Andrew for his Pirates game - this generated high noise levels (which 'drowned out' the downpour outside!), so it must have been successful. I was able to run a low level Space Hulk game for the benefit of Chris, Dave Kightly and David 'Stealer' Crook - love the chittering, Dave. Sadly, the Emperor's finest were unable to achieve their objective this time.

Next week, Mark and Dave K are offering to run a play test for a set of Dark Ages skirmish rules they have been working on; figures are in short supply, so if anybody has some single based Saxons or Vikings, could they please bring them along? I have it in mind to try an Angels 20 Russian vs. Japanese game for the delectation of those interested, by way of a warm up for the Essex Warriors Open Day on the 30th.

In other news - Chris, Dave K and I have been discussing the SELWG zombie game, with a view to deciding what is required to present the game to a high standard.If anybody has ideas, or items we might use in the game, speak to myself or Dave please.
It is my sad duty to inform you that the Caliver shop in Leigh closed its doors today for what appears to be the final time. There is no news regarding the future use of the premises, but I shall pass on anything I hear.

See yer soon,

Friday, 7 September 2012

5th September Games

Pretty good turnout last night. Thanks to Steve Slater for running a Wings of War game, and to Dave Kightly for a War at Sea game set in the Pacific. The WW1 aerial appeared to generate its usual level of mayhem, while Laurie in USN guise was victorious in a particularly bloody gun duel with the IJN.

Dave Crook and I played the inevitable Angels 20 game, this week involving P40's and Me109's in an African scenario. This was a surprisingly evenly-matched game given the Me109's manoeuvrability, and the gunnery dice were exceptionally unkind to both sides. I scraped a win, but Mr. Crook is vowing vengeance!

We also had a visit from Gary Moore, the Venue and Events Manager at the new Wayland Games wargames hall down the road. He has made some very attractive offers concerning table and venue use for the future. While I do not think this is something we should decide on without prior discussion, I would welcome feedback from anybody who has the time to visit the venue and take a look.

In show related news, I have just been informed that we are definitely in for SELWG on the 14th October. The organisers have accepted Dave K's zombie game as our entry, so work will now commence on the setup etc. for the game.

While I remember, other events coming up are the Milton Hundred club's open day over at Sittingbourne on the 15th September (NOT a wargames show I hasten to add), the Skirmish 2012 show over at Sidcup on the 23rd September ( for details), and the Essex Warriors open day on the 30th September - this will be an Angels 20 gamefest for those attending.

Think I covered everything...............

See yer soon

Sunday, 2 September 2012

29th August Games

Rather slim attendance this week - just enough bodies to play John's 1940 15mm scenario set during the German breakout from the Meuse. The Boche took rather a pasting from a very feisty French defence, and I am not sure they met their objective. Thanks as always to John for the game. No pictures this week, as my camera hid from me....

Next week, various games have been offered. Steve has offered to run a Wings of War WW1 aerial game, Dave Kightly is looking at a War at Sea scenario, and I can offer further Angels 20 goodness, or if you are very good and ask nicely, a Space Hulk game.

See yer soon,

Thursday, 30 August 2012

22nd August Games

Slightly down on numbers this week, but a busy evening nevertheless. Thanks to Dave Kightly for running his post WW2 zombie apocalypse game; the picture attached proves that we do have some people attending on club nights, but I am a bit concerned about the state of Bob's and Andy's eyes - did I set the red-eye filter or is there something we should know? :o)
Dave Crook and I (following the inevitable pre game horse trading ) settled down to a little aerial activity, rerunning the MS 406 vs. Macchi 200 scenario I run a couple of weeks ago, but at the level I had originally intended. The French did better this time, shooting down both my 200's by the end of the game. I had difficulty in closing for a good shot, and with less firepower than the 406, couldn't make it stick - and that, members of the jury, is the case for the defence! Picture of a battered 200 sweeping in behind the 406's is attached for propaganda purposes.

Next week, John has agreed to run his 15mm 1940 game for those interested. I can run Angels 20, but if there is sufficient interest, I could be persuaded to run a Space Hulk for a change. Let's hear from you, people...............

See yer soon

Friday, 17 August 2012

15th August Games

Another busy night this week. Thanks to Mark fur running his Victorian Gothic horror game, which looked fantastic! Another game I think for some of the smaller shows we attend, with a bit of work.

My own humble effort was the inevitable Angels 20 game, this week's action being centred on the Luftwaffe (Bf109's and Fw190's) fighting their way past a flight of P-51 Mustangs to get at the bomber stream. The Boche had the best of it in the end, as pilot quality told out in the end. Given that this was an ever decreasing advantage as the USAAF raids on Germany continued, a future scenario would probably have to factor in Average or even Rookie pilots for the Luftwaffe. Pictures of both games are attached.

Next week, Dave Kightly has offered to run his post WW2 zombie game (which we are hoping to present at SELWG in October), and I will bring the aircraft again as a back up. Hopefully, Mr. Crook's much anticipated Battle of Britain scenario will be on offer then.

See yer soon,

Friday, 10 August 2012

8th August Games

A pleasant surprise for me this week insofar as there were sufficient games on offer to give Angels 20 a break. Mark and Co. ran a Warhammer 40K game (which I confess I didn't find time to take a look at), while Chris ran a Western gunfight using a new set of rules, called (I believe) Combat Resolution 3.0, from the Two Hours Wargames studio.Given the scenario had been drawn up by Steve without prior knowledge of the rules, it all went rather well I thought. Certainly the game flowed well, and the combat results were certainly decisive! No photos this week as the camera decided to have a night at home (i.e. I forgot the damn thing!)

For next week, Mark has kindly offered to run a further Victorian Gothic horror game for the strong of heart and trembling lower lip. I shall of course support things with Angels 20 (Mr. Crook has promised me a Battle of Britain scenario which may prove entertaining). As ever any other offers are welcome.

See yer soon,


Monday, 6 August 2012

1st August Games

Reasonably busy last night; Mark and co. ran a large Warhammer 40K game, which gave Brad a chance to use part of his rather substantial Space Marine Chapter force (sorry Brad, can't remember which chapter they represent!). My offering, as ever, was WW2 aerial using Angels 20, but I managed to come up with something a little off the wall. 

I have only run one game to date using the French Morane 406 fighters (albeit in Finnish markings), and thus considered it was time for their counterparts from the Armee de l'Air to join in. Using French and Finnish marked models, I set the game as a fight with the Italians in a 'what if?' situation against Macchi 200 and 202 fighters (the latter in service rather earlier than was the case). An interesting game ensued, and while the Moranes and the Macchi 200's were closely matched, the 202's were the clear class of the field. Suffice to say the Franco-Finns were swept from the skies, but if I can obtain a few more appropriate models, this one might well run again. We even had time for Steve to run a quick Thunder Road game after the smoke cleared! Pictures of both games are attached for flavour.

Next week, we have decided to run the same types of game again, i.e. Warhammer 40K and Angels 20. Any other suggestions or offers ware of course most welcome.

See yer soon,