Saturday, 13 October 2012

10th October Games

Good turnout last night. Thanks to Chris for running another Bolt Action game - VBCW this time I believe. Also thanks to Mark & co. for the Lord of the Rings game. I am afraid I didn't get a lot of time to check these out as I got a bit busy.

Steve Harbron, Dave Crook and I ended up giving the new Star Wars X Wing game a try; earlier than I had intended if truth be known, as I had only read the rules once! Once past the initial problems, however, these seems to play well. The natural order of the universe soon established itself, and I was shot down...bugger. Certainly I shall be playing this again, and with some new toys to be acquired shortly.

Predictably, this will most likely be at Crystal Palace this Sunday. Dave Kightly's WW2 zombie game is our offering to the visiting public, and I look forward to seeing as many of you on the day.

Next week's games include an Angels 20 for Mr. Crook's benefit - P-40's versus Bf109's which I had planned for this week. I think that Mark is planning a SWAT game, but I would welcome confirmation of this and any other games planned.

See yer soon,

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