Saturday, 6 October 2012

3rd October Games

Pretty good turnout last night; thanks to Chris for running a trial game of the new Bolt Action WW2 rules for various members. I hadn't seen a full game before this session, and it was interesting to see how well the rules worked. This may well enable us to run larger games at the show in the coming year, given a rework of some of the scenarios. Bob and Andrew were also playing Malifaux, and Steve ran a Pirates of the Caribbean game to fill a gap. I am afraid I didn't get much chance to see how those games went. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Next week's offering include a further Bolt Action game hosted by Chris, together with a Lord of the Rings game from Mark and co. Having had a short break from Angels 20 (Writtle notwithstanding- thanks to those who attended and helped to run the two games for the visiting public) I propose to blood my recently repainted P-40's against Bf109's over the Western Desert; Mr. Crook is seeking revenge for the last outing, which did not go well for the Luftwaffe!

I have just received final details from SELWG concerning our table. We have been allocated table H in the main hall, which is in the middle row of tables opposite the Caliver Books stand. Other details remain as in previous years - the hall will open at about 8 am, with the show starting at 10 am and finishing at 4 pm. I am impressed with the manner in which the zombie game is coming together, and think we can really make something of a splash with this one.

See yer soon,

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