Friday, 24 April 2015

22rnd April Games

     Busy last night. 

I ran a three way Lion's Rampant game for the benefit of Dave, and he seemed to enjoy it.

Steve S ran a Flames of War action.


While Mark ran a zombies board game.

     Salute is this weekend, and I expect to see a number of you there for some solid retail therapy, wear comfy shoes.

A reminder that the AGM will be 8pm this Wednesday, we'll try and get it over with quickly to leave some time for a game or two.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

15th April Games

      Thanks to Neil for running a scenario driven game of Star Wars X-Wing last night, much as the rebels tried, the imperial cordon of Hoth was just too good and the first transport was destroyed.

battle of hoth rebel transport x-wing imperial cordon

game battle of hoth protect the transport

     While Mark ran an ambush game of Lord of the Rings which saw the Uruk-Hai annihilated by the combined forces of good.

rohan uruk hai ambush lotr lord of the rings

      Next week we have Lion's Rampant at Dave's request and possibly Flames of War, plus anything else anyone brings.

     The AGM will be held on Wednesday the 29th of April starting at 8pm prompt, hopefully with enough time for a game afterwards. Any ideas that anyone wants to put forward are more than welcome.

Friday, 10 April 2015

8th April Games

      A lower turnout than last week, but still enough to run two decent sized games. Andy H ran his Song of Blades and Heroes game again, I understand the difference between a moral victory and an overwhelming victory for the 'good guys' was a Minotaur waiting in ambush.

      While Mark ran his Gothic Horror game, which was another great little game, but one in which the intrepid heroes miserably failed in their mission.

Next week, Mark has offered to run LotR, whilst Neil and I are looking at X-Wing.

A few more pics from the games...

Saturday, 4 April 2015

1st April Games

 A busy night last night which saw three games in progress. First up was a game of Zombies that is kept in the cupboard for good measure. Andy H ran a fantasy skirmish game using the Song of blades and heroes rule set I believe. Correct me if I am wrong.


     While I was involved in a four way game of Lion's Rampant, which featured Anglo-Saxons and Vikings vs a War of the Roses force and a Crusader army.

Next week, Mark will run his Victorian Gothic Horror game, Neil and me have it in mind to run Lion's Rampant again, plus anything else that gets decided in the meantime.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

25th March Games

     Thanks to Dave Knightly for his Old West Gunfight game this week; this is developing into a very enjoyable game, which could well feature as a show game in the future. Pictures below give a flavour of the action.

     Next week, Mark has offered to run a Victorian Gothic Horror Game. Neil and me are planning some more Lion Rampant Dark Age action for those who like their combat up close and personal.

Hope to see you then.