Friday, 25 September 2015

23rd September Games


A good turnout and a re-run of last week's games this week.

Dave Knightly ran a reworked version of the '3:10 to Yuma' scenario, that was supposed to give the good guys a better chance but ended up with them actually, initially, doing worse.

While Steve Slater, again, ran Carcassone.

Next week we may be down on numbers, so I will run a Napoleonic naval game (a couple of rules tweaks I want to try) and Dave Knightly has agreed to bring some Hordes of the Things armies along as well.

A reminder that the club is attending the Essex Warriors' Open Day this Sunday. I have arranged to run various Lion's Rampant games during the day and will be glad to see as many of you as possible to help and enjoy what is a nice little days gaming.

See yer soon


Friday, 18 September 2015

16th September Games


Good turnout this week;

Thanks to Dave Knightly for his Old West Gunfight game based on the film '3.10 to Yuma'. We'll play this again next week as there was a call for a rematch. Suffice to say the Lawmen didn't get the Outlaw to his train ride to destiny and they were mightly displeased.

Steve Slater, also, ran a game of Carcassone for those remaining.

See yer soon


Thursday, 10 September 2015

9th September Games


We were a bit down on numbers this week, but two good games to hand.

     Thanks to Dave Knightly for running his Post-Apcalypse/Zombie game which I was able to take part in and thoroughly enjoyed.

Andy showed his voyeuristic side by thoroughly investigating a zombie using a urinal.

While everyone else searches shelves like 'normal' survivors. 

      Alan and Josh were engaged in a Warhammer 40k game which featured some impressive ruined buildings.

     Next week, we have an Old West gunfight game arranged, which Dave Knightly will run. While I have been asked to run an Angels 20 game by Dave Crook who says he will be able to attend.

See yer soon,


Sunday, 6 September 2015

2rnd September Games


A decent turnout this week.

Chris ran a big game of Lion's Rampant for those interested.

Steve S ran a game of Pirates of the Crimson Coat.

There is always one. . .

While I ran a game of Space Hulk for the benefit of Andy H, Laurie and Dave K. The first scenario appears to require the Terminators to move faster than was the case on this occasion . . . Hopefully, the lesson has been learned by the Emperor's finest.

Next week, Dave K has offered to run his ever popular zombie game for those attending (since we may be a bit light on the ground) and I will bring a backup game.

See yer soon


Saturday, 5 September 2015

26th August Games


Pretty good turn out last night; Steve Slater ran our first game of 'In Her Majesty's Name', which proved entertaining and worthy of future attention. Mark ran a Warhammer 40k game which I, unfortunately, didn't get a look at.

Next week we have a 'Pirate of the Crimson Coat' game lined up, while Dave Knightly has asked me to run Space Hulk for his benefit as he hasn't yet had a chance to play the new version.

See yer soon