Friday, 21 September 2012

19th September Games

Bit short on numbers again this week, but lots going on. Thanks to Dave and Mark for the Dark Ages rules play test, which has great potential (and means I have to start painting Saxons again!). The two Steves were engrossed in a Van Helsing board game, which featured my favourite toy from the film - the repeating crossbow!

Next week, Dave wants to run a practice zombie game prior to SELWG, which might not be a bad idea. I'll bring the Angels 20 set up in case any one wants to brush up their dogfighting skills before the Writtle show on the 30th. Don't forget that Wayland Games are running their Bolt Action rules open day this Saturday; might be worth going if you have time.

See yer soon,

Sunday, 16 September 2012

12th September Games

Reasonable attendance levels this week; thanks to Andrew for his Pirates game - this generated high noise levels (which 'drowned out' the downpour outside!), so it must have been successful. I was able to run a low level Space Hulk game for the benefit of Chris, Dave Kightly and David 'Stealer' Crook - love the chittering, Dave. Sadly, the Emperor's finest were unable to achieve their objective this time.

Next week, Mark and Dave K are offering to run a play test for a set of Dark Ages skirmish rules they have been working on; figures are in short supply, so if anybody has some single based Saxons or Vikings, could they please bring them along? I have it in mind to try an Angels 20 Russian vs. Japanese game for the delectation of those interested, by way of a warm up for the Essex Warriors Open Day on the 30th.

In other news - Chris, Dave K and I have been discussing the SELWG zombie game, with a view to deciding what is required to present the game to a high standard.If anybody has ideas, or items we might use in the game, speak to myself or Dave please.
It is my sad duty to inform you that the Caliver shop in Leigh closed its doors today for what appears to be the final time. There is no news regarding the future use of the premises, but I shall pass on anything I hear.

See yer soon,

Friday, 7 September 2012

5th September Games

Pretty good turnout last night. Thanks to Steve Slater for running a Wings of War game, and to Dave Kightly for a War at Sea game set in the Pacific. The WW1 aerial appeared to generate its usual level of mayhem, while Laurie in USN guise was victorious in a particularly bloody gun duel with the IJN.

Dave Crook and I played the inevitable Angels 20 game, this week involving P40's and Me109's in an African scenario. This was a surprisingly evenly-matched game given the Me109's manoeuvrability, and the gunnery dice were exceptionally unkind to both sides. I scraped a win, but Mr. Crook is vowing vengeance!

We also had a visit from Gary Moore, the Venue and Events Manager at the new Wayland Games wargames hall down the road. He has made some very attractive offers concerning table and venue use for the future. While I do not think this is something we should decide on without prior discussion, I would welcome feedback from anybody who has the time to visit the venue and take a look.

In show related news, I have just been informed that we are definitely in for SELWG on the 14th October. The organisers have accepted Dave K's zombie game as our entry, so work will now commence on the setup etc. for the game.

While I remember, other events coming up are the Milton Hundred club's open day over at Sittingbourne on the 15th September (NOT a wargames show I hasten to add), the Skirmish 2012 show over at Sidcup on the 23rd September ( for details), and the Essex Warriors open day on the 30th September - this will be an Angels 20 gamefest for those attending.

Think I covered everything...............

See yer soon

Sunday, 2 September 2012

29th August Games

Rather slim attendance this week - just enough bodies to play John's 1940 15mm scenario set during the German breakout from the Meuse. The Boche took rather a pasting from a very feisty French defence, and I am not sure they met their objective. Thanks as always to John for the game. No pictures this week, as my camera hid from me....

Next week, various games have been offered. Steve has offered to run a Wings of War WW1 aerial game, Dave Kightly is looking at a War at Sea scenario, and I can offer further Angels 20 goodness, or if you are very good and ask nicely, a Space Hulk game.

See yer soon,