Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rampage at Dagenham 2011

Another Sunday - another show. Rampage at Dagenham this time, with old mates the Ilford Wargames Club. Dave Kightly ran a Border Reivers game, which went ahead with the usual levels of mayhem on both sides.

Some other nice games present, particularly a WW1 trench battle and  a late WW2 raid on an Allied airbase.

Good trade presence, better than expected in fact, so shiny things were acquired. Chris and Co. are off to Bovington next weekend, whilst I at least will have a weekend at home for the first time in a month!
- Neil

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sittingbourne Show

Thanks go to Chris and Graham for attending and commanding the two fleets for Hotham's First Action; we were able to run the game twice during the day, and had an appreciative audience throughout. One or two minor tweaks to the scenario have been made concerning arrival of the main British forces in order to allow the French a decent chance of achieving their objectives, as the British were able to close and initiate a general action quite easily on both occasions.

Not a bad first show - decent trade presence, and some good games from the attending clubs. Also met up with Dave Crook, who has commented further on his own blog.

The organisers were happy with the game, and have asked if we would like to attend the 2012 show - accepted of course!
- Neil

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Recent Games

Last two weeks games have included Border Reivers, ACW navel, WHFB and Ludis Gladiatorius which as always was good fun. Did surprise myself by letting myself drift within distance of 1 hit point Laurie to enable him to ‘savage attack’ me when my back was turned. And that was after he had tried to get me to team up with him. Some people you just can not trust.

Ludis Gladiatorius is a good little game and it is tempting to use this as a basis for fantasy arena skirmish. My otherworld figures are just screaming to be used. Need to give this one some though.

A picture from a Z game I ran last year.