Thursday, 18 December 2014

17th December Games


We were rather thin on the ground this week - due no doubt to seasonal panics etc. My thanks to Steve for running his traditional Lost World adventure game, giving me the chance to inflict my own special brand of mayhem as the BeastMaster. Image of Old One-Eye (below) about to wreck havoc.

We go into Yuletide hibernation until 7/1/15, so give some thought to what games you might want to play then. As ever my best wishes to one and all for Christmas and the New Year, and may your Christmas be what ever colour you feel appropriate



Saturday, 6 December 2014

3rd December Games

Thanks to Andy for running a pirates game using the new 'On the seven seas' rules by Osprey. When read through properly and tweaked it should make a good club night game.

The scenario played was a simple raid by the pirates into a Spanish held town, with the Spanish troops hiding in ambush in the town houses, although ambush turned out to be the wrong word for what actually happened, with one group of Spanish running away before the first shot of the game had even been fired. While two units of Spanish did put up a spirited defense of their town, killing a few of the pirates, it was all too little and too late with the pirates making off with some treasure and supplies and winning the game. 

on the seven seas osprey pirates

on the seven seas osprey pirates
The pirates making off with the loot
Next week, Space Hulk.

Friday, 21 November 2014

19th November Games

       A good turn out this week to play Dave's Zombie game, which is always popular whenever it is run. This time it had much more of a futuristic feel to it than it normally does.

      The mission specifics this time were;
  • Destroy the alien ship, as this is the cause of the zombie outbreak.
  • Find two lots of supplies and a single canister of fuel.
  • Escort any civilians off of the table.
  • Survive.
The alien ship in the brown thing at the bottom of the picture.

       Once it was established that only one survivor actually had the explosives on them, the alien ship was quickly destroyed, but in our haste to achieve that mission objective, we had been split into two groups who struggled to clear enough zombies to really regroup and we lost our first civilian to a zombie attack. 

The last stand of Paul and James, before James was tricked into drawing the zombies off.

      The rest of the game was mostly just survivors splitting off into ever smaller groups to try and raid the shipping containers or search for more supplies in other places, with different degrees of success. The game ended with a big group of civilians helped off the table edge, all supplies and fuel found, Laurie hiding from the zombies while carrying pretty much all the weaponry left in the game, Lance standing on a mound of dead zombies after being locked in combat for almost half the game and James our only casualty after being tricked into being a diversion.

Next week 15mm WW2.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

12th November Games


My thanks to Steve H for providing transport this week due to my car deciding to take another day off (all fixed now - hopefully), which allowed me to run the Napoleonic naval game I had promised. The scenario went well for a first run out, and will feature again with a couple of tweaks. 

langton Napoleonic naval

Mark ran a Gothic Horror game which occupied the rest of those present.

gothic horror

I won't be down next week due to work commitments, but I believe Dave Kightly has offered to run one of his very popular zombie games.Any other offers would be appreciated, as would notification of games for the week after.  
Future news concerns the first bookings for 2015. I have received requests for the Cavalier show at Tonbridge on 22/2/15 and for the Broadside show at Sittingbourne in June. Both require responses in the near future. While I propose to take care of Broadside as usual, can we consider which games we might take to Tonbridge as a priority please? Any ideas please contact me direct.

See yer soon,


Friday, 31 October 2014

29th October Games

    It was quite a healthy turn out but due to the staggered time people turned up, only one game was actually run, so thanks to Steve Slater for running his multiplayer French Indian Wars game for those who turned up. 

     The game itself quickly devolved into the British light infantry unit holding up two units of Indians in the dense forest, while two units of French marines held back two units of British militia until a flanking action by the British Rangers forced them to lose ground nearer the river. It was a close run game but ultimately it was the British who held the river at the end of the game.

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

French Indian Wars Ranger Wargame

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

12th October Games


My profound thanks go to Mark and the two Steves for stepping up to the plate and running the Napoleonic naval game at SELWG yesterday; we received a number of comments concerning the game, the rules and my ship models, all of which were very flattering! A picture of part of the action is attached. We were not in the running for a prize, but it was satisfying to see the scenario played to a logical conclusion. Suffice to say it ended in a winning draw for the British.

I understand from Dave Kightly that his  health problem relates to kidney stones (having suffered with this myself, I can sympathise!). He tells me that he will be undergoing a procedure this coming Friday to eradicate the problem, and I am sure you will all join me in wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

This coming Wednesday we don't have anything specific planned, so I will bring Ludis Gladiatorus for some arena mayhem, while Steve Slater has promised to bring some board games and Steve Harbron will bring his X wing collection for good measure.

See yer soon,


Monday, 6 October 2014

1st October Games

Thanks to Andy for running a spirited (?) Dogs of War game yesterday. I think everybody involved enjoyed themselves. . . .
I ran An introductory Angels 20 game for Paul, Lance, Dave K and John. This went down to the wire between Paul and John, but the clock beat us in the end.

I understand that a Lord of the Rings game has been arranged for next wednesday.

I will pop in to finalise details for the club game at SELWG on the 12th October, but I won't be able to run a game then. I will await final details of table etc, from the organisers, but I have been able to confirm that we are on the clubs attending list on their website;


See yer son,


Friday, 26 September 2014

24th September Games

Tonight was a busy night at club, with three games being run.

First up is Chris and Dave's, mismatched HoTTs game. 

Hotts Hordes of the things

Hotts Hordes of the things

Second is Neil's group participation game of ACW Ironclads in anticipation of the Essex Warrior's show on Sunday. It looked like this game went down really well.

peter pig acw ironclads

Last up is my impromptu teaching game of Saga for one of our newer members, Paul. He mentioned he was thinking about getting involved and I just happened to have my figures on me.

Saga vikings saxons wargame

A reminder that Essex Warriors Open Day will take place on Sunday 28th September at Writtle Village Hall. Doors open to the public at 10 am and close at 4 pm. Entrance is free.

Attractions include a number of display and participation games, trade stands, refreshments, and the ever popular Bring and Buy.  

The traders booked to attend are Wayland Games, Andy’s Models and Games Gazette. Tolehaven are also attending as part of the Hornchurch club game.

17th September Games

       Thanks to Dave Knightly for running his Border Reivers show game in anticipation of SELWG. Laurie and Mark's Scot raiders won, getting all 3 barrels of gold out of the well and off their table edge, but not before losing a substantial amount of men to a couple of strangely powerful dogs.

Border reivers wargame terrain grand manor

Border reivers wargame terrain grand manor

Border reivers wargame terrain grand manor

Friday, 12 September 2014

10th September Games

Thanks to Dave for running his Border Reivers game this week for those present; it was a suitably bloodthirsty affair which resulted in the Scots getting a bloody nose.

Dave has offered to run another Reiver game in the run up to SELWG, as this is the game we will be presenting there.

I intend to run an ACW Ironclad game the week after as a quick test before we attend the Essex Warriors Open Day at Writtle on the 28th; hope to see you then and also in the depths of Essex the following weekend.

See yer soon,

Friday, 15 August 2014

13th August Games

Fair turnout this week; Steve S. ran a Doctor Who game for the benefit of the bulk of those present, whilst I spent a pleasant evening in Paul's company and ran a Wings of Glory WW1 air combat game for his benefit. Paul is considering joining the club, and I would like to thank those who made him welcome before I arrived.

Next week, a Western gunfight game has been arranged, while Chris has agreed to run a HoTTs game for the benefit of those interested.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 9 August 2014

6th August Games

Games Workshop madness tonight with two games of Mordheim and a large Warhammer 40k table.

Pics by wardy-la.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

30th July Games

Pretty thin on the ground this week, due no doubt to holidays etc. Fortunately I had brought The Hobbit boardgame as backup, and thus we were able to run some entertainment for those present. No pictures as these would have been pretty uninspiring!

Next week, Mark and associates plan a Warhammer 40K game; nothing else planned at present as I may not be able to get along due to work commitments, but any other ideas are most welcome.

See yer soon,

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

23rd July Games

Thanks to Steve Salter for running the Carcassonne game again for various members last night. Chris, John, Mike and I settled in for some good old fashioned Dark Ages shieldwall fighting, using the Hordes of the Things rules. Picture of the game are attached; no clear result by end of play but a good time was had by all.

Current plans for next week include possible SAGA games, but other options would be welcomed.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 19 July 2014

16th July Games

Nice to get down to some gaming again last night, although it was a bit too warm for my taste! I have attached pictures of the Napoleonic naval game I ran for Mike and John at the moment a British 74 exploded, causing mayhem all over the table, and Mark's Lord of the Rings game based on the battle at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, albeit Legolas got the chop rather than Boromir! A quiet word with the continuity team may be required....

Steve Slater ran a Carcassonne game for Chris and Steve H which they appeared to enjoy. I am told this is a classic game which has held its place as a favourite for a number of years .

Thus far, we hope to run a substantial Hotts Dark Ages game next week; anyone who has figures appropriately based please feel free to bring along whatever you can, and we'll take it from there! Steve S has indicated he will bring along the Carcassonne game again.

See yer soon,

Monday, 7 July 2014

2nd July Games

A fair turnout this week; Chris and Alan fought a SAGA game, Mike and I explored Memoir 44 for the first time in a long while, while Steve H ran a board games called (I think...) Dungeon for the remainder present.

Thus far, next week has Mark's SWAT game lined up, while Steve S will bring a selection of other games for good measure; my presence due to work commitments is uncertain, but the following week I will run a Napoleonic naval game for those interested.

See yer soon,

Monday, 30 June 2014

25th June Games

Thanks to Mike for running a SAGA game for my benefit last Wednesday; this means I will be starting work on Anglo-Saxons sooner rather than later! Chris and Dave Kightly played two HoTTs games while Steve ran a Doom game for Laurie and Alan.

This coming Wednesday I will bring Memoir 44, and Chris is considering a further SAGA game with Alan. Nothing else arranged at present, but other offers welcomed.

See yer soon,

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

11th June Games

Fair turnout this week. Alan and Mike had a Saga game on the go, while I ran 'The Hobbit - an unexpected journey' boardgame for everybody else. This turned out to be a very good club night game, which those playing picked up quickly. One for the future I think.

Next week looks to be board game oriented. Dave Kightly is bringing Battlestar Galactica, Steve Slater will bring Doom (another club night classic) and I will bring Battle Cry.

See yer soon,

4th June Games

Thanks to John for running a Rapid Fire early war game last night; it looked very nice. I ran a test ACW naval game for the two Steves prior to Broadside this weekend, which saw the Confederacy lose due to appalling gunnery/dice rolls.

See yer soon,

Monday, 2 June 2014

28th May Games

Thanks to Steve Slater for providing TWO games this week for those attending! The Space Hulk game was run by Andy Hunt (with occasional support from me) while Steve ran Thunder Road for a bit of variety.

Next week, I shall run an ACW naval game in preparation for the Broadside show on the 8th June, and would welcome details of any other games which have been arranged.

See yer soon,

Sunday, 18 May 2014

14th May Games

Busy night this Wednesday - two SAGA games for the first time in the club proved very interesting. Both ended with the demise of the Viking warlords, but proved the basic game works well. Steve H ran a boardgame for the benefit of the remaining attendees; my thanks to him and all those who provided figures for the SAGA games.

Next week will probably feature further SAGA games; I have a boardgame based on the first Hobbit film which I shall bring along, but would welcome any other offers of a game.

See yer soon,

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

23rd April Games

Slightly better turnout this week. Thanks to Dave Kightly for running what I think was a World War Z - inspired game (well it involved Nazi zombies and Commandos, so I think I have it right!) while I ran a small Ludus Gladiatorius game for Rob and Mark.

Next week, Mark L. has offered to run his Victorian Gothic Horror game while I will bring the ACW ironclads for a run out prior to their debut as a show game at Broadside in June.

See yer soon,

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Salute 2014 - More Pictures!

A whole eye-candy fest from Salute 2014.

First up, some more pics of the SEEMS game - "The Race for the Sea".

A selection from other games on show -

"Deads Army" by The Peterborough Wargames Club.

"The Spice Must Flow" - Frothers.

"Dien Bien Phu" - Chemins de Feu.

"Shattered Void" - White Dragon Miniatures.

"Arcworlde" - British Indie.

Dixons Miniatures.

Crooked Dice.

"Hell & High Water" - Fenris Games. (amazing!)


4Ground - Dark Ages.

4Ground - Wild West.

4Ground - WWII

"C-Day" - WSS Magazine.


4Ground WWII.

4Ground - Japan.

 Pics by Robafett (GM).