Thursday, 20 November 2014

12th November Games


My thanks to Steve H for providing transport this week due to my car deciding to take another day off (all fixed now - hopefully), which allowed me to run the Napoleonic naval game I had promised. The scenario went well for a first run out, and will feature again with a couple of tweaks. 

langton Napoleonic naval

Mark ran a Gothic Horror game which occupied the rest of those present.

gothic horror

I won't be down next week due to work commitments, but I believe Dave Kightly has offered to run one of his very popular zombie games.Any other offers would be appreciated, as would notification of games for the week after.  
Future news concerns the first bookings for 2015. I have received requests for the Cavalier show at Tonbridge on 22/2/15 and for the Broadside show at Sittingbourne in June. Both require responses in the near future. While I propose to take care of Broadside as usual, can we consider which games we might take to Tonbridge as a priority please? Any ideas please contact me direct.

See yer soon,


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