Friday, 21 November 2014

19th November Games

       A good turn out this week to play Dave's Zombie game, which is always popular whenever it is run. This time it had much more of a futuristic feel to it than it normally does.

      The mission specifics this time were;
  • Destroy the alien ship, as this is the cause of the zombie outbreak.
  • Find two lots of supplies and a single canister of fuel.
  • Escort any civilians off of the table.
  • Survive.
The alien ship in the brown thing at the bottom of the picture.

       Once it was established that only one survivor actually had the explosives on them, the alien ship was quickly destroyed, but in our haste to achieve that mission objective, we had been split into two groups who struggled to clear enough zombies to really regroup and we lost our first civilian to a zombie attack. 

The last stand of Paul and James, before James was tricked into drawing the zombies off.

      The rest of the game was mostly just survivors splitting off into ever smaller groups to try and raid the shipping containers or search for more supplies in other places, with different degrees of success. The game ended with a big group of civilians helped off the table edge, all supplies and fuel found, Laurie hiding from the zombies while carrying pretty much all the weaponry left in the game, Lance standing on a mound of dead zombies after being locked in combat for almost half the game and James our only casualty after being tricked into being a diversion.

Next week 15mm WW2.

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