Saturday, 6 December 2014

3rd December Games

Thanks to Andy for running a pirates game using the new 'On the seven seas' rules by Osprey. When read through properly and tweaked it should make a good club night game.

The scenario played was a simple raid by the pirates into a Spanish held town, with the Spanish troops hiding in ambush in the town houses, although ambush turned out to be the wrong word for what actually happened, with one group of Spanish running away before the first shot of the game had even been fired. While two units of Spanish did put up a spirited defense of their town, killing a few of the pirates, it was all too little and too late with the pirates making off with some treasure and supplies and winning the game. 

on the seven seas osprey pirates

on the seven seas osprey pirates
The pirates making off with the loot
Next week, Space Hulk.

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