Thursday, 22 December 2016

21st December Games


Sufficient attendees to run the traditional Christmas Dinosaur game, hosted by Steve S. This was based (very loosely indeed) on the classic film 'The Valley Of Gwanji' and involved a horde of rampaging dinosaurs smashing their way through a Western town with a bank raid in progress. Typical day in the Old West, I hear you say? Great fun all round, thanks for the game Steve.

The Hockley Community Centre will be closed next week, so our next club meeting will be on Wednesday 4/1/17. No decision has been made concerning games at this time, so suggestions would be appreciated.

Finally, may your Christmas be filled with hapiness and be whatever colour you deem appropriate.

Best wishes


Thursday, 15 December 2016

14th December Games


We were able to run a further Tanks game this week, using Chris' excellent collection of 28mm Allied and German armour. We were able to fit in three games using U.S. Tank Destroyers (M10's and a M36 for those interested) against four Panzer IV's in the Counterattack scenario.

The Yanks were unable to stop the Germans on each occasion (twice with the Pzkpfw IV's and once with two Tiger 1's) which does go to show the whole TD doctrine appears to have been flawed.

tanks game ffg alternative essex wargames club

However, all this goes to prove the game has show potential; I have offered the game to Tunbridge club for Cavalier in February, and await confirmation.

Next week will be our last meeting for 2016. As is traditional for the Christmas game, Steve S tells me it will involve dinosaurs - and Cowboys?

See yer soon,


Thursday, 8 December 2016

7th December Games


Our numbers were severely depleted due to sickness this week. This left just enough for a two a side Tanks game with me as an umpire; this week's game featured Churchill's vs Panthers. The Germans had the initial advantage but were eventually defeated.

I've offered to run the game again next week as Chris has a large collection of U.S. and German armour from another project which will provide some variety, but I need to work up some more data cards. Steve S has offered to bring some board games as backups.

Our final meeting of the year will take place on 20/12/16 when Steve S has offered to run 'an old west game with a difference' as he puts it. The centre will be closed between Christmas and the New Year, and re-open for our purposes on the 4/01/2017.

See yer soon


Thursday, 24 November 2016

23rd November Games


Better turnout this week - thanks to Mark for running his postponed Victorian Gothic Horror ame.

I ran a Star Wars X-Wing game for Josh and Steve S, allowing them to fly the TIE advanced and X-Wing fighters, while I lurked menacingly in my shiny new Imperial corvette; only kill of the evening fell to me courtesy of an errant X-Wing which strayed into range.

Next week; Andy P will run his Samurai game and Chris has agreed to run a Hordes of the Things game. I shan't be down as the car is dry docked for repairs; but Dave K and I have agreed to run the Tanks game again the following week.

See yer soon


Thursday, 17 November 2016

16th November Games


As promised, we tried out the Tanks Skirmish game with the larger scale of Corgi tanks (which were released to coincide with the D-Day 60th anniversary and are now very scarce) both to try the game before the 'official' vehicles are ready, and also to see if the game would work with the larger models as a possible show game. Three Shermans versus two Panthers could only end in tears for the Allies, as proved to be the case.

Tanks skirmish game essex gamers seems

However, we had so much fun with the game, that this will be offered to the organisers of the Cavalier show in February as a participation game using the larger models - some preparation work will be required but much of what we need is ready to go. My thanks to Steve H, Josh and Dave K for help with the playtesting, and Steve S for providing a board game to entertain those in attendance.

Next week, Mark will run his Gothic Horror game, postponed from this week, and I have been asked by Josh to run an X-Wing game. I have a yen to try out a scenario using my Raider class corvette. . . .

See yer soon


Friday, 11 November 2016

9th November Games


Due to Dave K's unfortunate absence from illness (get well soon mate!), it was necessary to rethink the games for last night at short notice. I ran The Hobbit board game for Josh and Steve H, while Steve S and the rest played Man O' War.

Next week, Mark has offered to run his Gothic Horror game, and I'll bring The Hobbit and the new Airfix WW2 game as back up.

See yer soon


Monday, 7 November 2016

2rd November Games


My thanks to Dave Knightly for running his Pulp Alley game last night.

Steve H and I play tested the Portable Naval Game variant I have been working on - this appears to work OK and will appear again in due course.

Next week Dave has agreed to run a Pulp Alley game but with a different scenario, while I can bring Battlecry and the new Airfix WW2 game by way of variety.

See yer soon


Sunday, 30 October 2016

SEEMS a history - Present arms posters

Dudley recently had a clean out and found the following posters, hand outs and off cuts from previous present arms.

I attach photos for your enjoyment.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

26th October Games


My thanks to Mark for running his SWAT game for the benefit of those attending last night - apparently a U.S. Presidential candidate didn't survive the game, but it would be invidious to name the deceased politician . . .

 Steve H and I settled to a Space Hulk game; Suicide Mission which lived up to it's name, but the Deathwing put up a good fight before being wiped out ('stealers rool OK).

Next week, Dave K has offered to run a Pulp Alley game, while I have it in mind to run a pre-dreadnought or WW1 naval game.

See yer soon


Friday, 21 October 2016

19th October Games


My thanks to Dave K for running his zombie apocalypse game using the new terrain mat he 'acquired' at SELWG: Chris and I took the opportunity to play a properly medieval Lion Rampant, which Chris won.

zombies essex wargamers

lion rampant essex wargames wargamers

We also had a visitor, whose name I unfortunately, didn't catch, who is working in the area for a while and may visit us from time to time during that period. Always nice to see a new face. . .

Next week, Mark has offered to run either his SWAT game or a Lord of the Rings action. Not sure what I'll bring yet, but I am open to requests.

See yer soon


Friday, 14 October 2016

12th October Games


A fair turnout on a rather wet Wednesday:

Andy P ran a further play-test of his Samurai Rules.

samurai lion rampant

Whilst, I put on an ACW naval game for Chris and Josh, which turned out to be particularly messy, only two confederate ships survived out of all those present on both sides at the start.

acw naval game essex monitor

Next week, Dave K has offered to run a zombie game, whilst Chris has offered to run a Lion Rampant game with his 13th century Anglo-Scottish Collection.

See yer soon


Monday, 10 October 2016

SELWG 2016 - Pictures

"Thanks to all those involved in the running of the Viking Raid game at Crystal Palace yesterday, and particularly to Steve H and Josh for getting up early to help with the setup! No prizes this time, but a fair amount of interest from the visiting public."


Some pictures from the SELWG show at Crystal Palace.


Some pictures from the other games...

Gravesend Gamers - X-Wing.

GLC Games Club - Lion Rampant.

Reading & Newbury - Senlac.

South London Warlords - Winners of Best in Show.

Well deserved with their amazing "Tomb of the Cybermen" game, featuring loads of Cyberfolk, Daleks and scratch built Sontarans and Yeti!

Shepway Wargamers - Winner of Best Demo Game.

Crawley Wargames Club - Operation Overlord.

The League of Gentlemen - WW2 Game.

Maidstone Wargames Society - Winner of the Best Scenery Award.

Essex Warriors - Appalachian Spring (ACW).


Peter Pig - Men of Company B.

Mexican Revolution Game.

Simon Miller - To the Strongest.

Pickets Charge.