Thursday, 17 November 2016

16th November Games


As promised, we tried out the Tanks Skirmish game with the larger scale of Corgi tanks (which were released to coincide with the D-Day 60th anniversary and are now very scarce) both to try the game before the 'official' vehicles are ready, and also to see if the game would work with the larger models as a possible show game. Three Shermans versus two Panthers could only end in tears for the Allies, as proved to be the case.

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However, we had so much fun with the game, that this will be offered to the organisers of the Cavalier show in February as a participation game using the larger models - some preparation work will be required but much of what we need is ready to go. My thanks to Steve H, Josh and Dave K for help with the playtesting, and Steve S for providing a board game to entertain those in attendance.

Next week, Mark will run his Gothic Horror game, postponed from this week, and I have been asked by Josh to run an X-Wing game. I have a yen to try out a scenario using my Raider class corvette. . . .

See yer soon


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