Thursday, 8 December 2016

7th December Games


Our numbers were severely depleted due to sickness this week. This left just enough for a two a side Tanks game with me as an umpire; this week's game featured Churchill's vs Panthers. The Germans had the initial advantage but were eventually defeated.

I've offered to run the game again next week as Chris has a large collection of U.S. and German armour from another project which will provide some variety, but I need to work up some more data cards. Steve S has offered to bring some board games as backups.

Our final meeting of the year will take place on 20/12/16 when Steve S has offered to run 'an old west game with a difference' as he puts it. The centre will be closed between Christmas and the New Year, and re-open for our purposes on the 4/01/2017.

See yer soon


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