Thursday, 15 December 2016

14th December Games


We were able to run a further Tanks game this week, using Chris' excellent collection of 28mm Allied and German armour. We were able to fit in three games using U.S. Tank Destroyers (M10's and a M36 for those interested) against four Panzer IV's in the Counterattack scenario.

The Yanks were unable to stop the Germans on each occasion (twice with the Pzkpfw IV's and once with two Tiger 1's) which does go to show the whole TD doctrine appears to have been flawed.

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However, all this goes to prove the game has show potential; I have offered the game to Tunbridge club for Cavalier in February, and await confirmation.

Next week will be our last meeting for 2016. As is traditional for the Christmas game, Steve S tells me it will involve dinosaurs - and Cowboys?

See yer soon,


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