Saturday, 8 December 2012

28th November Games

Another quiet week, but nice to see Dave Weedon and Ernie Fosker after lengthy absences for both members. Don't leave it so long next time, guys.

Decent amount of games going on again. Steve Slater ran the 'Phoenicia' board game again, Bob, Andy and Andy H. were playing Malifaux, and I was able to run an Angels 20 Western Desert scenario which again proved that the Curtiss P-40 is not an aircraft to despise. The Bf 109 F schwarm came off distinctly second best again. Next time, I think the Italians might have a go..... Picture of the action attached.

Not much arranged as yet for next week; I am planning a larger X-wing game, and want to try out an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer. More anon as this is still in the planning stage. Any other offers?

See yer soon,

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