Sunday, 23 December 2012

19th December Games

The Christmas game lived up to its usual level of mayhem. The picturesque village of Much Rutting in the Marsh (owners of the South Loamshire Ordnance Survey map will of course be aware that Lower Sodmire (home of Squire Haggard) lies but a few miles north) played host to a number of very confused dinosaurs, and the odd alien and renegade Timelord. As a special tribute to Bob 'The Doctor' Lovett, I have chosen to illustrate the game with a picture of the man himself and his thrice-resurrected Brachiosaur (I think) Jeff. Talk about one man and his dog! 


Thanks as always to Steve for putting on the game, and for letting me act as Beastmeister as always.

No meeting next week due to Christmas (and the apocalypse promised by the Mayans - allegedly) but I understand a Bolt Action game is planned for the 28th at Laurie's. Shan't be along as I am at work, but hope you all have fun.

Normal meetings resume on the 2nd January 2012 (Mayans permitting!) so start thinking about what games you want to play. As always please accept my best wishes for the season, and may the deity of your choice grant you a Christmas of whatever colour you deem appropriate.

See yer soon,

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