Saturday, 5 January 2013

2nd January Games

The first meeting of 2013 had a distinctly World War 2 flavour, with a Bolt Action game run by Chris (for which thanks as always), illustrated with attached photo. I gather the Germans put up a very stout fight.

As previously mentioned, I ran two scenarios for Angels 20 using variable pilot quality tables reworked by Mr. Crook, together with his own spotting rules. The FW190's and Bf109's had decidedly the worst of both encounters (see attached photo for evidence!), but all involved felt the game worked better for the changes.

Next week, I intend to run a pre dreadnought game using Bob Cordery's hex based rules and there is also an offer of a Lord of the Rings game for those preferring a sharp edge to their steel in place of high explosive.

See yer soon,

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