Thursday, 24 January 2013

16th January Games

Bit quiet this week, due in part to low attendance. Also it was rather nippy (being uber polite) so I don't blame anybody who decided to stay in last Wednesday!

Steve Harbron ran a card based Cthulhu game, which those involved seemed to enjoy. I ran a play test with the Portable Naval Wargame rules using my Italian and Austrian pre-dreadnought fleets for Jon and Dave Crook. The game ran well enough, but this has predictably started a 'review' of the rules by DC and myself.

See yer soon,

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  1. Hiya Mr Fox,

    I reckon that 1/2400th models would look really nice on the Hexon - HMS Tiger would come in at 3 1/2" inches so would fit very tidily on the Hexon (even allowing for the "present hideous rig") tiles and have a little more presence than 1/3000th.

    Rules tweaks in hand although nowhere near as radical as has been touted via various emails.

    All the best,