Monday, 10 December 2012

5th December Games

I don't blame those who decided not to attend last night's club meeting - to say it was bitterly cold doesn't even come close! Nice of Andy to bring along some seasonal shortbread, even if I did not partake.

A small Malifaux game took place while I ran a trial X-wing scenario with an attack on a Star Destroyer, primarily to try the expanded weapon and equipment fits for the ships available, and to see if an idea I had for representing the close in weapon systems represented in film and fiction could be replicated. The Rebel attackers achieved their objective of destroying a shield generator but at the cost of their entire force. Whether the 'flak' was too heavy I am not yet sure, and would welcome your thoughts on this matter, since the scenario itself played out OK.

I propose a return to terrestrial air combat next week; Mr. Crook has an idea to pit Zeroes against Hurricanes over the jungle, while I have an urge to run the mammoth Eastern Front scenario again, particularly as the Soviets have had some reinforcements and a bit of a tidy up, which is as good a reason to give them an outing. Any other game offers are, as ever, more than welcome.

See yer soon,

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  1. Mr Fox,

    I am more than happy to forego the dubious delights of the far East for the more gentile Eastern Front....

    Especially as I am suffering from BMW powered FW 190 withdrawal symptoms....;-)

    All the best,