Friday, 10 August 2012

8th August Games

A pleasant surprise for me this week insofar as there were sufficient games on offer to give Angels 20 a break. Mark and Co. ran a Warhammer 40K game (which I confess I didn't find time to take a look at), while Chris ran a Western gunfight using a new set of rules, called (I believe) Combat Resolution 3.0, from the Two Hours Wargames studio.Given the scenario had been drawn up by Steve without prior knowledge of the rules, it all went rather well I thought. Certainly the game flowed well, and the combat results were certainly decisive! No photos this week as the camera decided to have a night at home (i.e. I forgot the damn thing!)

For next week, Mark has kindly offered to run a further Victorian Gothic horror game for the strong of heart and trembling lower lip. I shall of course support things with Angels 20 (Mr. Crook has promised me a Battle of Britain scenario which may prove entertaining). As ever any other offers are welcome.

See yer soon,


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