Thursday, 30 August 2012

22nd August Games

Slightly down on numbers this week, but a busy evening nevertheless. Thanks to Dave Kightly for running his post WW2 zombie apocalypse game; the picture attached proves that we do have some people attending on club nights, but I am a bit concerned about the state of Bob's and Andy's eyes - did I set the red-eye filter or is there something we should know? :o)
Dave Crook and I (following the inevitable pre game horse trading ) settled down to a little aerial activity, rerunning the MS 406 vs. Macchi 200 scenario I run a couple of weeks ago, but at the level I had originally intended. The French did better this time, shooting down both my 200's by the end of the game. I had difficulty in closing for a good shot, and with less firepower than the 406, couldn't make it stick - and that, members of the jury, is the case for the defence! Picture of a battered 200 sweeping in behind the 406's is attached for propaganda purposes.

Next week, John has agreed to run his 15mm 1940 game for those interested. I can run Angels 20, but if there is sufficient interest, I could be persuaded to run a Space Hulk for a change. Let's hear from you, people...............

See yer soon

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