Friday, 20 May 2016

18th May Games


Andy P trialled his Samurai skirmish game last night. Andy's game is still in the formative stages, but the work he has done so far is very impressive.

While Steve H and I played the aptly named Space Hulk 'Suicide Mission' scenario. Steve and I played the scenario twice as marines and stealers in turn, but the Deathwing were having an off day with the dice while the stealers could do no wrong. Always another day . . .

I understand that Laurie Bryson has made sufficient progress after his stroke to be released from hospital in the next few days - this will come as a relief to all members and our best wishes go to him for a full recovery in the near future.

Next week, plans have been made for a Flames of War game, with an Old West gunfight under consideration. I'll bring down Angels 20 as I feel the need for speed!

See yer soon


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