Saturday, 28 July 2012

25th July Games

Thanks to Chris and Alan for providing the additional figures for the Hordes of the Things Dark Ages game I ran last night. It was nice to see figures which haven't been in action for two or three years back on the table. Time, as ever, was our worst enemy, and it was not possible to reach a conclusion before closing time; all I will say was that the Norse were still moving forward at the end of the game............ :) I have attached a couple of photo's I took of the overall game, and a close up of the Saxon shieldwall I was facing.

Next week, I return to work, but I shall be bringing along the Angels 20 for the general amusement of one and all. Mr Crook has promised to run up a Battle of Britain scenario for the occasion. I understand that there is also a Warhammer 40K game planned.

See yer soon,


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