Sunday, 15 July 2012

11th July Games

A better turn out this week, with two games running. Steve ran a Pirates of the Crimson Coast derived game, whilst my Angels 20 offering this week revisited the 1941 Eastern Front scenario I ran recently (and shot something down!). A schwarme of Bf109 E's took on a motley bunch of Soviet Yak-1's and I-16's in a head to head fight. Some impressive furballs resulted (some of which I believe have been captured for posterity and the blog), with the issue in doubt until the final move which saw two 109's, a Yak and an I-16 shot down. On this occasion then, a Soviet victory, but I think the Luftwaffe will have more to say on the matter....

Next week, we have a Lord of the Rings game laid on, with my customary Angels 20 game as an alternative. Chris is also intending to run a play test of a new set of rules - details to follow if possible.

See yer soon

Four Bf109 E's ('Ace' and 9 in the first rotte with 4 and 8 in the second rotte) faced off against two Soviet Polikarpov I-16 Ishaks and three Yak-1's... 

Flying into contact...both sides waste no time.

The first Bf109 'rotte' Rottenf├╝hrer 'Ace' and his Katchmarek ''wingman' ('9') in formation bank into join the second rotte and begin the attack...

...leaving two Yak-1's damaged.

Rottenf├╝hrer '4' is pursued by the damaged Soviets...

...but takes out one of the Ishaks! (BOOM!)

Meanwhile, Katchmarek '9' has overshot and looses contact with his leader - he pays the prices as a damaged Yak-1 blows him out of the sky! (BOOM!)

His leader and Katchmarek '8' returen the favour and the Yak bursts into a ball of flame! (BOOM!)

Just as '4' is also blasted to oblivion by the remaining Soviets...(BOOM!)

In all, a fairly brutal encounter - final result was two Germans downed to two Russian (with a couple more in need of repairs) so the remaining two Jerry limped home minus half the schwarme. A bit of fancy synchronised flying by the first German 'rotte' and some good attacking moves by the second didn't save them from the determined Soviet flyers!

Polikarpov I-16 , Coburg Airshow 4.July 2009

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